Oct 11, 2007

room for disowning..

a lot of my frenz have a lot of reasons to disown me. esp those who've known me a while now.

many a times i've been told that i was nuts, crazy, absolutely bonkers etc.. and i CAN understand that to a certain extent. meowing in public. clawing a frenz fren coz he tried to hold ur hand *this was to ensure that i don't get run over by a passing bus. not the clawing, silly. the hand-holding.* chatting up cabbies to figure out their choice of bhojpuri music. addressing waiters in swanky pubs with a "bhaiyya, kitna time lagega...?" staring at their frenz coz u thought THEY looked weird and being honest abt it when asked. refusing to speak in english with bombay'ites who don't understand hindi. *get a life, it's ur national language!* wanting to dance on the pavement after the disc has closed and thrown everyone out. calling ppl's kids "it" despite the obvious fact that "it" was a boy. AND refusing to touch it. making fun of a frenz life-long dream to quit a high-paying media job and relocate to their tiinnniieee rural town in central india and open a "desi-daaru ki dukaan". with another fren of mine being the investor. *dreams are dreams.. but THIS?! besides, they don't know each other*. calling up an ice cream parlour at 11.59 p.m. and asking for home delivery. ONLY to see if they actually deliver. definite reasons for disownment.

but still, when one of them finally decides to disown me, it isn't because of any of this. it is because "you sent a zombie to bite me on facebook" ??? i mean, c'mon! get a life. there're so many other reasons to pick from. and THIS is what u come up with. u disappoint me! reason not acceptable. go find a better one. and yeah, better luck next time...!


Trishna said...

hey hows you? you are tagged :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Raysh!you will love this I promise..hop over now to my place and check it out:)

Orchid said...

:)..good ole rayshma....but those were some pretty good reasons to disown you, you know that don't you, but i don't mind a quirky friend at all!

Monsieur K said...

i cant actually believe u read a phone book, cover to cover!
shud include tht too in this list :D

rayshma said...

ketan - actly, d fren who's disowning me has managed to read the entire dictionary. on 2 diff occasions! don't think he can disown me for reading d phone book. ;)

orchie...! am i glad for frenz who don't mind me this way! :)

fuzz... loowwweee it!! will post it in a bit... :) *still smiling abt it*

trish - me good, crazy as ever! wl do tag... soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rayshma,

I found your blog recently....its way too cool and gal ...u are way too cute :) I shld say this space of urs has been playin a vital role of keepin me sane at work :D still got almost a year's stuff to read!! Half way through ...I realised...I luv ya gal:) oh and I shld certainly sympathize empathize with Vin ;)

I am sooo glad that there is another soul walkin arnd in this planet calling kids 'it'. It drvies my frnds crazy!! Keep rockin chick!!

rayshma said...

thanx anon... do we know each other in the non-virtual world?
feel free to drop me ur name and/or id - if you wish. i won't publish it if u aren't comfortable with it. but feels better to have a name to a reader. esp one who likes this space :)