Oct 26, 2007

402, Al Asmavi.

a li'l background on d protagonists of this piece:
402, Al-Asmavi. the apartment where it all happened.

me. i'm usually one who loves to watch horror movies. i do get scared. but i love them. and i'm fascinated by vampires, werewolves, supernatural phenomena. always. *any wonder i love halloween!?*
poo. my ex-account exec at hungama. a good personal fren. recently, my colleague on the dubai project. has an unnatural fondness for all dark things. horror movies, vampires, werewolves, mutants... u get the point?

circumstances: poo and i are sharing a room in our guest house. this, is a first for me. despite having lived away from home since 2000, i'd never shared a room with anybody. *other than V, of course! but he's not anybody, right?!* but i was okay with it. afterall, i'm really fond of poo. she's probably the sister i never had. in fact, i was almost relieved to know it was her.

situation I
:: it's 3 a.m. i am religiously working. poo's sleeping on the opposite side of the room. i've switched off the lights, so as to not disturb her sleep. *i am SO nice, na?!* d only light is that which my laptop emanates. suddenly, the woman sits up in her bed and says "hmm..." her waist-length straight hair on both her shoulders. *TRUST me this is scary!* she turns around, faces the wall. KNOCKS on it. looks back at me with a vacant look in her eyes.*like her soul had gone gallivanting* and lies down again.
it took ALL of my fondness for vampires to not scream out loud! or maybe, my heart skipped so many beats that i COULDN'T scream! i stared at her sleeping for a whole 15 mins after that! *no, didn't DARE wake her up!*
she, of course, did not recollect it the next morng.

situation II
:: it's weekend time! general chilled atmosphere at d apartment. poo's out of the shower after an hour. so i get in... love the hot hour-long shower. wonder why i'm not home where i can do this everyday. i step out of the shower. and chance to look into the wall-length mirror, which is covered with steam by now. it reads "YOU WILL DIE" in THREE effing places!

i had heard that nobody likes their boss... but YOU WILL DIE?! WHOA! and she still says she likes me. can u beat that!?

situation III
:: GPS *decent, god-fearing occupant of the other room* & poo are watching a movie outside. i'm chatting with V *told u, am a good gurl*. GPS comes banging on the door, rushes into the room and says "IF U HEAR ME SCREAMING PLZ COME TO HELP! PLZ?"
detailed investigations reveal that once the lights were off, poo started laughing. in fits. not d maniacal gabbar-type laugh. the soft, chuckling laugh, which kind of freezes ur blood flow? *GPS tends to be scared of horror films! LOL!*

p.s.: poo's a really sweet, good-natured, pretty gurl. this behaviour, though not fiction, is an aberration. she does, however walk & talk in her sleep. i hope. and yes, babes, i still love you.


Fuzzylogic said...

OMG!the writing thing on the mirror would have scared the pants off me. Poo does sound like a piece of work!

By the way what are the Halloween plans?

plush said...

lol...wld love to meet poo on one of her walk the talks!

rayshma said...

plush - lemme know when u're dropping in to bbay... shall try & arrange a meet & greet for thee! :D

fuzz - she sure IS a piece of work! LOL!! no plans for halloween as yet! except for eating d candy, of course! ;) let's see... maybe d week brings out some new stuff...?

Ricky said...

Reminds me of a very spooky night in hostel once when my roommate woke up in his sleep and started laughing in a very spooky way, scared the hell out of me :|

Pixie said...

OMG! Ok - seriously, that was scary!
Writing on the mirrir, crazy laughter - Creepy...

Anand Sarolkar said...

What a way to scare off your boss! Hats off to Poo!!! ;)

rayshma, hope you are enjoying! :)

BTW, Nice read!

rayshma said...

hi anand, thanks :)

pixie: was very amusing, actly! :D coz it was done so innocently!

ricky: hostels are atrocious for all this! :D we'd tried some apple stunt... gosh!! still get goosebumps thinking of it! :D

Mahogany said...

The mirror trick rocks! Hope I get to use that one sometime...

BTW - thanks for the wonderful note you left me the other day! It was an incredibly sweet thing to say.

RR said...

Whoa... She does look like she needs help! Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog.
And yeah, it really doesn't matter, come to think of it. Also, I always kinda expected it I guess, but just having it put there in front of you with a note of finality is a bit shocking at first! :)

rayshma said...

rr - no no.. she dsnt need help! just that she has an awesomely twisted sense of humor! :)

mahogany - yeah, try that sometime.. it'll freak ppl out! lol! and u're welcome..:)

Trishna said...

Ohh My God!! this is spooky.. LOL and a very nice read BTW!
Oooooooooooh I just noticed you are in TX.. and now I am hoping n praying we are in the same city!!Mail me or tell me where to mail you :)

rayshma said...

mailed ya! u a fellow texan now... kewl!

k s said...

In no connection to this post, here's a link i've been meaning to give u since quite some time..icanhascheezburger.com/ (u may already hv seen it)

Enjoy! :D

Monsieur K said...

horrific times !! :D
so, wot did u do on halloween? just ate candy? or i shud ask poo if she scared anyone again :)

btw, saw ur comment on the english blog - yeah, i need to shrug off the laziness n post there. have published a post on the marathi blog in the meanwhile.

Noodlehead said...

shudddeeerrrr!! does poo know she did all these creepy things? i'd be mighty pleased if i knew i cud have this effect on others :-D

Fuzzylogic said...


rayshma said...

fuzz: be there in a bit :)
noodlez: u bet she did! i think she did it also for the effect. the sleep-waling/talking... she didn't realize! :)

ketan - i came, i read, i commented :) halloween's 2mrw here... and no, not doing much except for eating candy! :))

ks: the link rocks!! :)) love ya, i do! kp passing such stuff :)