Oct 9, 2007

no drive to drive...

some excuses for not reading my drivers manual *since my return. ones given before are now obsolete*:
- losers read instructions. *trying to appeal to Vs ego where he doesn't read instructions on ANYthing.*
- i can't find it. *V did d packing. and i did NO unpacking. yet!*
- we need a book shelf. *genuinely, we do.*
- i can't unpack books till we get a proper book shelf. *genuine, again*
- i have to unpack the bags as well. *this, after a fren loaned me her book and i realized that i don't have to unpack for the handbook!*
- why do i need to drive? u're there for me. *this sed with the cutest puppy face. averting the topic for a WHOLE 5 mins*
- d'u know women make unsafe drivers? *unfortunately, V doesn't seem to believe that.*
- if i get a license, i'll be able to disappear if we ever fight. with the car! *this was meant to scare V. NOT motivate him further to make me study*

needless to say, none have worked. so far. and i'm being forced to open the pages. looking at the positive side *told u, am an optimist*, it sure looks better than the phone directory i'd read cover-to-cover once. long back. really.


k s said...

Awww..come on..driving is fun (to a certain extent anyway) :D

Suruchi said...

i did thot of couriering tht book to u! shld i?

Anand Sarolkar said...

Real men do not need a manual or an instruction book! :)

rayshma said...

ks: i love driving... it's the "studying" part that does it for me!

suruchi: NO! and pray tell me, how YOU have it...? *me thinking...*

anand: pray elucidate on d "real men" part?

Pixie said...


All the best for the studying part! ;-)