Oct 19, 2007

d contingency plan

the after-effects of watching a movie like "darling".
V: u won't do something like this, will u?
R: like become a bhoot and haunt u? naah! i don't need to die to haunt u.
V: no, not that. that i know. u won't have an affair, will u?
R: hmm... don't think so. will u?
V: *treating this like a trick question*: wot'll u do if i have an affair?
R: i'll divorce u. take alimony. and use that for my next wedding.
V: *pretending outrage* i haven't even thought of having an affair yet and there u go planning ur next wedding!
R: hmm... two things:
a. u better not think. and,
b. it's called contingency planning.


Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!that was one good answer,why do these men want to know these stuff anyway..I got asked the same question recently too again while watching some stupid movie. I told him I will divorce him,take the alimony and then kill him:)Contingency plan for sure but then they asked for it didn't they?I'm more wicked than you:)
Did you watch that whole movie??Fardeen got so much on my nerves and the effects of bhoot entry were so cliched I had to switch it off to get over the torture. And they went ahead and converted one my favorite nursery tune into a bhoot related one. Now everytime I hear it I can't help but feel a bit creepy and get reminded of this stupid movie.
By the the template looks cool but I wish it had more cheerful colors,I kind of feel it's a bit gloomy. About the blogroll did you try bloglinx?

k s said...

Heyyyy..that's one cool look for the blog. I like. :)

MJS said...

Hey this template is cool!!! It is SO you!!!! And now on a more selfish tone... where on earth did u manage to get it???

rayshma said...

'ello dearies!
mrids - don't ya LOVE it! got it at final sense. and don't copy it! :P

ks - many many thanks! *EWW!! i sound like i work for T-Series!*

fuzz - gloomy? :( somehow, can relate to them colors... black's sexy, no!?
as for d movie... hehe.. u forget hon! me can watch anything! and i loved darling. it's so funny! hadn't seen a good unintended comic caper in a while. me LOVE d RT... haahaha... wonder who has d rites to it!
fardeen and both d esha's are SO cliched. with their set of 3 expressions each! hahahaha...
and men, my dear will remain boyz. but they do add some entertainment, eh?! ;)also, u shudn't kill him... he shud live and see u thrive with his money! hehehe...

k s said...

Do you? :P

rayshma said...

LOL! oh lord, NO! haven't u figured it yet... am unemployed!! used to sell T content. hence d afflictions... at times. ONLY, at times! :D

Pixie said...

Very nice template! :-)
You watched Darling? *shudder*
Your contingency plan rocks!

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!Ofcourse you were the one who watched that "Janm samjha karo" the nth time,how would I forget that;)
Black is certainly sexy it's just that I tend to think of people with colors and to me you are fun and vibrant hence that comment. This template is stylish and in that way it certainly suits you:)

Noodlehead said...

rotflmao! what is with men and silly questions. btw, i applaud you for having the stomach to sit thro' darling!

rayshma said...

noodlez! u're here after a long break! :) good to see u babes. as for darling... lol! m a sucker for bollywood. i've sat through worse movies. MUCH worse! :D

fuzz: hahaha... yeah! i love colors, but somehow cudn't relate to any of the brighter templates... this kind of clicked... let's see when i get bored of this! :D
and babes, jaanam samjha karo was a better one. i've even seen dharmaatma multiple times! LOL! i guess if i cud tolerate feroze khan, his son shudn't be that much of an issue! :D

pixie: thanks :) and well, yeah... darling IS funny! :D

plush said...

lol..dharmatma...whr do they get such titles!! and the template...nice it eez raysh..:)...but haan...like fuzz says...more colors when u get bored of black...

rayshma said...

plushh!! i'm just so happy to see u're still arnd! lol! hope all's well with u, babes?! dharmaatma... well, it had a dude called premnath as the protagonist... can u beat THAT!? hahahaa... and hema malini shared my name in d movie, further making it sound like a banjara dancer *that's wot she plays!*
template... yeah, will do will do! :D

Kalyan said...

HOW COULD YOU watch such a movie? How could you even think of watching it? Was it Fardeen, or err.. RGV? Just wondering.

rayshma said...

hi kalyan, thanks for stopping by.
well, i've seen worse. and honestly, it was the music label *not d music*. also, i like unintentional comedies. and this was a good one! neither fardeen nor RGV *me likes neither!*