Oct 12, 2007

i rock...

...and it's now official.
here i am fretting and whining about how my crazy fren's disowning me. while there comes along fuzzy and decides.. I ROCK!

yeps... this is what she "bestowed" on me *i like the word, so shall use it!*

thanks fuzz! and yes, u were rite... i DO love it. vain that i am! i SO love getting compliments. even tho i may not know how to react to them. but i love this one. i actly even liked the colors. looks good on my blog, eh? and heyy, this is extra special, coz it does make me want to blog more...

and of course, as we all learn as part of corporate gyaan - i'm supposed to "pass d baton". hmm... so i bestow this on... *music of dastaan-e-om-shanti-om playing*:
a. minal : don't know if i've ever TOLD u this. but u've always known it. now it's public news. and woman, ur blog rocks too. and yes, m hoping this makes u blog a tad more frequently. tell doggie, the truman show has been awarded. *wink wink* and no cows can munch it away!

b. mridula: she already has the "khooni chudail" award, but heyy u deserve this one! for being ur own crazy self. for giving it as good as u get. and of course, for being a fellow cat-lover. and cult member. and blog twin. *laughs evilly* rock on, babes... and yeah, DO flaunt this! coz u can't really flaunt the other... *laughs evilly again..*

c. upsi: i know, fuzz has already given this to u. but heyy, ur blog double rocks! and so do u.

go ahead, you all... ur time to rock n roll!


Fuzzylogic said...

Got to love the cool color na?I loved it too:)our blogs needed some blog blings:)

rayshma said...

yeah..:) which reminds me... i was also thinking of changing d template.. any clue how to customize templates?

Orchid said...


Suruchi said...

:) very kewl!!Mrids is going to kill u for this tho! i loved it!

rayshma said...

thx, orch!

suruchi: hadd ho gayi?! i called d chudail a "rocking gurl blogger"... y shud she kill me! ;)
and i knew u'd love it! hehee

upsilamba said...


Why, thank you!
The only time I was stamped 'you rock' was by the fortune cookie from the chinese take out.
And now, what do you know..I double rock!!

Mucho gracious, hermana!

rayshma said...

bah! who needs fortune cookies when u have this blog!?
d'u HAVE to talk of food, btw... now am hungry! :P
and oh yeah, u're always welcome, chechi! *me goes back to desi roots, while u turn to espanol*

upsilamba said...

lil one's babysitter is espanol.
Si si.

rayshma said...

ah, i see *not si*
Algunos que hablo español...:)
so does d li'l one speak a combo of español & mallu... potent combo, i must say! :)

MJS said...

Hey Ray,
Thanks for the 'rocking gurl award!!! I have no clue how to accept the award, so thought posting a comment and acknowledging wud be the best way!!!

rayshma said...

arre sillie... u work in a very techy environment. didn't expect this from u. isko copy-paste karke apne blog par daal! item hai tu bhi!
and u're welcome :) not killing me now, i guess...?