Oct 21, 2007

schmooze it!

since i can't figure out how to place this in the left hand section of my new & sexy template... here i go announcing it!

pixie thinks this blog has the power of schmooze! kewl, eh?

well, there're apparently two meanings to "schmooze".

a. 'idle chatter' - which this blog is full of.
b. to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.

umm... i do blog-hop and if i like what i read, i leave a comment. i have, made some good frenz on/via this blog. *and most of u are on that blog-roll to the side of this page.* but that's about it. this blog wasn't started for any profound reasons. and it doesn't cover any deeply harrowing issues. just that i always wanted to write. and i like it. and am glad that there're a few people out there who like reading what i write! feels good. really.

but b doesn't fit with my blog. so i shall pick meaning a. and feel good about it!
i'm s'posed to pass it on. and... i'd give this to :

a. orchid: u've already got it from 2 others... but i think u're SO worth it! it's good to have u back in blogging action.

b. svety: love d conviction with which she writes. BOTH her blogs. *d finalsense template is also inspired from urz!* and heyy, she gets brownie points for being a senior @ MICA.
c. mahogany: awesome writing style and an inimitable way of making even d most mundane situation seem WOW! this one makes me do something i generally avoid... THINK.

pick it up, folks... in whatever sense u deem right. you guys deserve it!


Ricky said...

My blog has a lot of schmooze too, thanks to Fuzzy but I still have to flaunt it as she told me too :D

Parul said...

Hey there!! I did think the name rang a bell when I saw it in the comments section somewhere....so decided to come by and check out your blog.

Great template...very moody!!

Carry on writing :D


P.S. uhuh...you do remember me, don't you, I was your senior at MICA...

svety said...

thnx a bunch raysh and i'm, really happy...but have no clue how to pick it up...educate

Anand Sarolkar said...

Superb template!!! My fav combo grey n black...Refreshingly dull!!!

rayshma said...

anand - thx, dude! hmm... now i know y all of u think it's so me... refreshingly dull, huh! :)

svety - oh gosh! again!? oh sorry... last time wasn't u!
well, u can copy it from my blog *rite click on image, select 'save image as'* and paste it in a post on ur blog. i dunno how to paste it in the left/rite side bar. :( if u figure out, plz to tell me too!?

parulll: heyy!! GOOD to see u here! i HAD seen ur name pop by on a coupla blogs i frequent... but hadn't had d brains to put 2 & YOU together! duh me! LOVED ur space. gonna blog-roll u! :)
and heyy... of course i r'ber u!!

ricky - hehe... it sure does! mine rocks coz of fuzzy.. :)

Fuzzylogic said...

You schmoozer you!congrats:)

Orchid said...

thanks sweetie!....and ofcourse you should feel good, you deserve the award!

Noodlehead said...

congrats!! been a long time, how u been? i LOVE your new template and specially like the girl on the right. that's how i picture you :)

rayshma said...

heyy noodlez... yeps.. long time indeed.. :D how've u been? shall drop by to ur space an catch up with u & BonBon!
and thx.. yeah... guess that's y i cud relate to the template! :D

orchie... u're welcome, babes!

fuzz... thankee! :)

upsilamba said...

schmooze sister!! Right on.

Loved the template. Its more YOU now. And it blends well with your blogging personality. Neat.

rayshma said...

thx chechi! :)