Jan 30, 2007

things i can't get right

the top 9 things i really really can't get right! there are loads more, but 9's my number!
1. phone conversations. i run out of things to say after 3 sentences. this holds true even for close frenz and hubby. i just can't speak on the phone! there's nothing i can think of saying. i can chat for HOURS, but speak? umm... well, 5 mins is a really long call! one hint: MAIL me, or even better, drop over for a visit! i SO hate telephones!!
2. socialising. i am very anti-social. i can't for the life of me figure out why people need to have big parties or huge get-togethers or wotever they're called. where hoards of people are in one place and appear to have fun. it's SO not fun for me.
3. being a morning person. keep me up all night, but PLZ don't ask me to wake up early! even 9.00 a.m. is early! i CAN wake up *used to, once upon a time, to reach work* but i SO can't speak to anyone for at least an hour after waking up!
4. not buying footwear. i find them irresistible. this urge has now diminished. in india, i HAD to buy even semi-decent looking footwear. the thought was "i CUD wear it SOME place?" i just think there's nothing as sexy as multiple pairs of footwear! *don't ask how many multiples. i don't wanna count!*
5. accepting compliments. i have NO clue how to react to ANY of them. i smile stupidly and say a "thanks" in a volume so low, i doubt even dogs'd be able to hear it!
6. wearing sports shoes. i can make the sexiest sports shoes look like osho slippers. no clue how or why, but i just can't carry them off! gimme those stilletos anyday!
7. chopping onions. i can't. that makes my chopper a treasured accessory. wonder how i'd manage to cook one decent indian meal without it!
8. managing money. i could never figure out what happened to my salary at the end of the month! *and i did get paid well, even by bbay standards!* life's a lot easier now. no income. no money management!
9. maths. i have a mental block when it comes to maths. sure, i can calculate and add small numbers etc. complicate that a TAD bit more, and out comes the calculator!

p.s.: these are not listed in any order of priority, except top of mind!


le taureau said...

loved ur 9 listings too! Phone convs and Socializing top mine. I am total disaster at both. lol. Gud to know there's company. Thanks for droppin by!

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Cool List. And wow, what a relief !!! I thought I was the only non-social person on this earth. Good to see that i am not the only one ...
I seriously didn't know that there was a term called "morning person". Now, I have a new pseudo-name for myself.
And that thing you said about "accepting compliments" .. it brought back memories about how once a friend of mine bluntly told me on my face .. . " damn, you dont even know how to react !!!" :D

rayshma said...

le taureau - thx for dropping by & letting me know. sure does feel good. i didn't know any1 else who hated phone convs! :)

sarfraaz - there's more than one of every quirk out there! :) i, myself, dunno if morning person's a term. it just sounds rite!

Fuzzylogic said...

Nice list!I can relate to all of it anti social,shoe loving,managing money,nocturnal person and yes onion chopping!I would refuse to cook if they took away my chopper:)I can manage decent conversations on phone than in person:)yes emails are still much better.The only thing I am good at is with numbers,I am pretty quick with them much to the surprise of people around me and it doesn't need any explanation that maths was my favorite subject Lol!!

rayshma said...

oh wow, fuzzy! u're good at maths!?! i've always admired people who're good at maths! beats me how u manage it...lol!

Ashish said...

Maths....why am i not surprised...infact...why am i not surprised by all the 9 things you have mentioned...?? Wonder why?:)

rayshma said...

i AM surprised to c u here too... pleasantly! :)
i know u aren't surprised. u wud prolly be able to list 9 more, rite?!
will be nice to c u here more often.

Lavs said...

Same pinch for points 2.3.5 and 9.