Jan 4, 2007

people friendly, me...?

i've realised i'm not after all, that much of a people's person. i AM a friends person, not people's. there're a lot of people who catch me on the wrong foot. at least where communicating goes.

some call up & say "recognise me?" umm... hell NO! i even have to store my mother's number with her name *i'm TERRIBLE at remembering voices OR faces!*
i sure have heard of them before, even spoken to them on the phone maybe. but YES, u still need to tell me who u are. there're lots of people i know. and even more in the world. and unless u have some uncanny, audible characteristic *like a lisp or stammer or smthng* i aint going to know u from adam/eve.

but, a lot of people do that!

one of hubby's labmates met me for the first time after i came here. the first thing she thought she'd say to me was "hi! do i need an introduction?" well, sure u do. who do u think u are? julia roberts?? i DIDN'T say that to her, tho! i gave her my 'lost-kitty' look till she told me her name. i am nice, sometimes.

at an office party once, a colleague was introducing me to his client. and the latter, holding up a glass of whiskey, back-slapped me and said, "we know each other quite well, rite?" umm... well, NO! i couldn't for the life of me be sure whether i knew him or not! neither could i decipher whether he was drunk & hitting on me, *literally, too* trying to be friendly or was just plain obnoxious! i usually settle for option 3 and then, may d lord bless his soul for having spoken to me! but this was official, so i had to 'grin & bear it.' *i mentioned i was nice, didn't i?* and yes, later, i realised i DID know him from a previous job and a couple of mutual frenz. geez! we DID know each other well!

i remember a guy in one of the places where i worked. he worked in a diff dept, but was working with us on a campaign. early one morning, he walked up to me, asked if my colleague had come in yet. *he hadn't, apparently.* then, the conversation veered, drifted... and i lost interest. so i was barely listening to him when he mentioned something with the words "want coffee." *he meant, do YOU want to go OUT for coffee?" i comprehended "I want coffee"*
me, being in one of my "am-nice-to-colleagues" moods, immediately summoned the coffee-wala bhaiyya & said "inko ek coffee dena." then i turned to the by then thoroughly embarrassed dude & asked "u don't get coffee on ur floor? poor thing!"

later, when i had been told of his intent by a well-meaning colleague & close fren; i was amused! so, each time after that, when i passed this guy in the building, i'd ask him if he'd had coffee. and watch his flushed face & laugh! *i can't always be nice.*

i wish people would be more considerate towards souls like me. *speaking directly & clearly is d only way i can ever understand something* it'll help me be more considerate towards souls like them!


Fuzzylogic said...

I am also a friends people rather than people's.I also get so pissed with people who tend to take it for granted that I ought to remember them if I met some years back,in most cases I don't even faintly recall when I have met them as half the time unless they had been interesting I would probably have tuned out even before they began to speak(don't worry,you have company)
The "cofee" collegue incident was really funny!I was laughing when I read that you called the coffee wala and said "inko coffee dena" Lol!I bet the expression on your collegue's face would have been priceless to watch!
Thanks for the laugh and also for making me feel normal!I'm not the only weird one:)

rayshma said...

thx! company on being weird is always appreciated! :)
yeah, his expression was priceless!!! and at that moment, my 1st thot was "what does lack of coffee DO to ppl!" lol!!