Jan 16, 2007

let it snow!

i've never liked the cold.

i hate the way it dries my skin, the sudden increase of frizz in my already frizzy tresses, the amount of time it takes to put on & then pull off those clothes, the fact that you can't step out in sandals/slippers, that u've got to check the weather & road conditions before even going out to get groceries, that u can't go for long walks...

i've also realised that i'm a very flexible person when it comes to the weather. i have somehow, figured out how to be content with whatever mother nature throws my way!

today, sitting inside a warm house, looking at the white lawns outside, the beautiful ice formations on the patio railing... i've made peace with winter.

i'd never noticed how beautiful the lush green grass looks when it's specked with white dots. had never known the joys of sitting in a warm house when it's below zero outside. didn't know that hot chocolate, warm food and dark choc ice cream could ever taste so delish! *i love all 3. in all weathers. but they taste special when it's freezing outside!* and now that i know it, i'm beginning to like it. *won't say i love it, because well, i'd like it to go back to normal soon!*

back home, it usually starts getting warmer from this point of time in the year. and i'd thought maybe, that's the case here as well. but, never mind... every thing's strange here! so why should the weather be any different?!

they say it never snows in texas. all i say is hmm... it doesn't, eh? i know it won't snow enuf to build even the paw of a snowman, but well, at least it proves that there're NO definite statements. that i also need to think before defining things/life in black & white. coz always, there is the grey, which rules! which says, don't be so sure. u might change your mind!

now, finally, i'm ready for it all. rain, fog or wind, cold, snow or sunshine!

p.s.: i still DO want to hibernate all winter!


Fuzzylogic said...

When I first came here I was really looking forward to the snow and the picteresque white winters and I was thrilled,but I guess with a couple of years down the lane the novelty has kind of worn off but I still don't mind it as much as others.And up here in Toronto it can snow like there's no tomorrow during the peak of winter.I however like that we get to enjoy 4 seasons in this part of the world.Each one has it's own kind of beauty.But I agree at times too much of anything can get to you.I might not be saying this so positively next month when winter really steps up!

rayshma said...

i guess i liked it more coz it was so unprecedented & unexpected! esp loved the icicles hanging off my patio! :)