Jan 19, 2007


someone recently asked me "where do u see urself 5 years from now". so i decided to twist the question & ask hubby of where we saw us 5 years from now!. snippets of how confusing conversations can be. and how very doofusy!

me: we can get a dog. he can entertain me now. and later, when we have a kid, he can take care of it too.
v: yeah, good idea. but i thought u wanted a cat?
me: yeah, but cats aren't good with kids and vice-versa. besides, we'll be shifting, so no point getting a cat. he may not be able to adapt. we can get a nice big doggie, though. a tan labrador or a golden retriever.
v: so 5 years from now, job, kid & dog.
me: yeah. plus a house and bigger car as a result of the dog & kid. no more sexy 2-door car!
v: yeah. true. so many changes. but i guess we'd be ready for them by then. ok... can i choose the name already? or will that make u feel like distant future is near future?
me: oh no! not at all! in fact, i've already chosen the name.
v: u have? y didn't u tell me?
me: i thot u'd feel pressured. same thing u sed, u know!
v: so...?
me: *beaming at my own intelligence* doofus.
v: stunned into silence, expression bordering panic.
me: *surprised & confused* u don't like it?
v: *knowing there will be no other opportunity to say this*
um... NO! that's a weird name!

me: *defiantly* what's weird with doofus?
v: imagine! we'll say "doofus, come here!" "doofus, do this", "doofus, don't do that!" poor thing will never get an opportunity to be perceived as bright. he'll be a born doofus.
me: he doesn't need to be perceived bright! he'll look doofusy too, u know.
v: look doofusy? WHY? how do u know!?
me: what's wrong with u? all labs or retrievers look doofusy. they're not, but they sure do look it! that's partly why i like them!
v: *kind of relieved* oh! we were talking about the dog, eh? i wanted to think of a name for the kid...

we couldn't stop laughing. and as far as d kid's name's concerned, we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it...!


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

hahahahaha ... just couldnt control my laughter. :-)

Implicit assumptions really cause a lot of confusion, but then, that's how life is and its so much fun this way.

Mridul said...

The dog is a good choice... labs obey, respect and love. Cats leave you and expect you to run after them.

Doofusingly hilarious!

Fuzzylogic said...

Lol!I'm a hardcore dog lover,so I don't agree though that all labs look doogusy,retrievers and those pomerians yes,they can carry it off!Labs are darn adorable and they really are intelligent.Funny thought your hubby thinking the name was for the kid!Lol.
I had a friend who had named her two dogs as "Stupid" and "Douche bag" but "doogus" sounds more better:)

rayshma said...

sarfraaz - true, i guess that's wot adds some flavor to life.

fuzzy - i completely love dogs too and agree that labs ARE very brite. just love the way they can carry off the puppy faces! :))

mridul - good to c u leave a comment :) abt cats, it's just abt figuring out how to handle them. if u do that, d cat wud never leave u. i've had cats abt 20 yrs of my life. trust me, they can be VERY loving!