Jan 9, 2007

a bagful of memories?

photographs. they have this amazing ability to transport u into a different time & age. moments, which are encapsulated. in that one 4X6 frame. one picture. but so many emotions wound around it. so many memories.
so do clothes. and accessories. *for me, at least!*

as i unpacked my 23-kgs-full-of-goodies bag *my cousin got me an entire bag load of stuff from india*, there were so many things going through my mind. every piece of clothing - be it a T, a skirt, a saree, footwear, picture or belt - had it's own unique memories attached to it.

and to top it, my mother's sent me clothes which i wore over 6 years back. *YES, i still fit into them!* trying to put the pieces together, wondering which was bought when? when had i worn it? why do i remember? have i forgotten already?
some have good memories - like the black one-shoulder remanika top? i bought it over lunch coz we had to bring in a close frenz b'day that night. some not-so-good - like the maroon bandhani skirt. i lost my favourite silver anklet the last time i wore it *i thot it was d anklet tinkling, it was actually the ghungroos on the skirt*. some, i can't place. i have NO clue when & why i'd bought that multi-colored *red, orange, yellow AND green* short, strappy dress! but i've been smiling since i opened the bag.

also, now i have no place to stuff/hang the contents of the bag. my closet, though huge, isn't all encompassing! so here i am, sitting in my living room, which now looks like a chor-bazaar - trinkets, flashy earrings, beaded belts/stoles, osho slippers - all lying rite here! wondering. is this a bag filled with my belongings or a bag filled with my memories...?


Fuzzylogic said...

It certainly seems like you just got delivered a bag full of memories.And you fit into clothes you wore 6 years back,you go girl!
I can't seem to fit into anything which I wore before I had the baby:)
Some of the stuff I used to wear then in college used to be the in things in fashion but just few years have passed and I was told now they are obselete in India!I still have my old clothes some here but a whole lot still in India,whenever I go there and open the cupboard its like taking a memory trip.I am also sentimental about photographs and things,everything holds some memory or the other and are dear.Maybe that's another reason i have a whole lot of so called junk in my house which I refuse to throw.Sweet post Rayshma!

rayshma said...

i fit into 6 yr old clothes because i've gained weight after marriage & am now approx d size i was 6 yrs back! *so, i don't fit into clothes a year old!* :)) lol! and no baby here, so i can't have that as a legit reason!
i'm just thru unpacking... feels good! think i'll give away d stuff i don't wear to goodwill. that shud make more than just me happy :0)