Jan 4, 2007

finding neverland

as a child, i believed that neverland exists and sought it for quite a while. *till what age, is something i choose not to tell* i was never clear of what exactly happened there, or what it *MY neverland* looked like, who lived there, or what they did. so i sought it in my life. sought it in the glittering, chaotic routines of mumbai, the eerie silences of shela, the cosy comfort of pune, the beaches & desserts of muscat, the oasis-like beauty of salalah.
last week we went to a different world. sea world. right here, in texas. a world of beautiful sea creatures. a world where penguins marched to their own drumbeat. a world where dolphins dance to music, a world where sea lions act in a skit & please audiences, a world where anything's possible. u just have to believe.

was that my neverland? i don't know. it sure was a different world, walking hand-in-hand in
the rain, watching sea lions upto their antics, wondering whether we wanted to go on the never-ending ride, watching a 4D movie & laughing when they splashed water on us! it was just a day, but it transported us into an entirely different world. one which we'll miss.

but i think there's more to neverland than that. it's a place which is inside us all the while. it never goes away. u can always take a quick dip into it, whenever u're feeling low or whenever u just want to! we decide WHAT we store in there. memories, people, places - whatever we wish! and then, whenever we want, we can go back & relive those moments - almost magically. it's a place which houses my deepest, liveliest moments. a place i love & cherish. and will all my life. a place which i may never be able to describe in words.

i think i've found my neverland. for happily ever after.


Fuzzylogic said...

Wow Rayshma!that was such a lovely post.That was so beautifully put.I think all of us keep searching for that neverland,I have found it a lot of times in all those moments of sheer happiness and togetherness but the beauty of it is it doesn't stay it keeps coming and going.Maybe that's why I appreciate it more:)
I'm so happy you found yours:)
Great post!

rayshma said...

thanks fuzzylogic. for reading & understanding... that neverland doesn't stay; and that's d beauty of it. :)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

hmmm .. people usually appreciate things only when they no longer have them. Probably thats why its called "never"land!!! ... it always keeps you guessing and curious.