Jan 26, 2007

cellular freedom...?

i hate being interrupted. more so, when it's early in the morning. when, on an idyllic morning, am sipping my nice, warm mug of coffee, playing boggle/bookworm/cubis, wondering whether this is for real, and the phone rings. if it's a fren, it's still fine. but people call arbitly. with loans/insurance to sell, information to give, blank calls, wrong numbers? whew!

sometimes, i think it was a beautiful world without cell phones. *i have to really strain to r'ber it, tho!* i know, they've provided croissants, cheese & coffee to me for a long while. but they don't now! and today, i can finally say "i don't understand cellphones!" wow! that was a relief. after years of pretending to be tech savvy, it feels great when u can come out & say that u're as ignorant as can be! sure, i understand mobile content and technology, but i don't understand the device, the way it has evolved today. the phone, to me, is something that is used to get in touch. to call/text. that too, in cases of emergency or if u have some work with the other person. *i suck at small talk* that's it. it is NOT a device to download music/listen to it *that's what i'd use a sound system for*, have fancy, psychedelic ringtones/ring-back tones and surely not to download celebrity imagery! geez! it's so hard to believe that there're LOADS of people who use their mobiles for all such purposes. and they pay for it, too! *i used to do it, too. but that was a work hazard*

it is strange to know how something that was so indispensable to me, something that was an integral part of my life, has become so insignificant today. there was a time when i couldn't live without my cell phone. i didn't go to restaurants/pubs where my cell phone would be unreachable, i'd panic if i misplaced it or couldn't trace it. *i'd forgotten it in the closet once, and once in the fridge!*
today, i couldn't care less. sure, i still like mobiles & can go on for hours about how they've brought the world closer and made us reachable. *like that were a good thing only!* but i think those are just traces of my addiction. and they'll go away soon. coz honestly, i can almost imagine a world without cell phones. and it seems pretty nice.

i've already started using the phone only as a matter of emergency. wonder how long before i stop using it & go back to being digitally challenged. at least i won't have anyone interrupting me, while i do nothing.


Anonymous said...

Read your post - ...single and rocking. So you think you are the Indian Carrie Bradshaw ? Well are FOB think so.

rayshma said...
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rayshma said...

heyy anonymous,
thanx for dropping by.
a. i don't think i'm anyone other than myself.
b. i really don't know wot FOB stands for.
c. how abt signing ur name d next time u drop by?

Samridh said...

From your blog is looks like you have recently got off the plane, I would same about 2~4 months and definitely not doing anything worthwhile in life.
FOB - fresh off the boat.

( BTW - why did you delete the previous comment ? )

rayshma said...

hi samridh,
yeah, recently... almost 6 months now, tho. deleted d prev comment coz i'd made some hideous typos :))
thx for d FOB! anthr abbrvtn added to my existing list...:)