Jan 16, 2007

of quirks & hygiene...!

me: can i trash these extra toothbrushes?
V: NO! i use them. they're mine.
me: they're used.
V: uh huh. they're currently in use.
me: all of them??
V: hmm... yeah. why?
me: why do u need 4 toothbrushes & three toothpastes???
V: smiles proudly. says nothing.
me: don't tell me you get bored of using the same one? *i'm confused coz I'M d one with that trait! could it be contagious?*
V: still smiling. evidently enjoying my state of confusion.
me: there're FOUR toothbrushes there. in & around the holder. they all look the same AND used to me. it's looking littered. and i'm going to trash them unless u tell me what they're for.
V: *suddenly panicking* don't trash them. depends on which one i feel like using. they're all different.
me: HOW?
V: let me explain. the dark blue one is kind of hard, the lemon is very soft, the mint green is moderately soft and the olive green is moderately hard.
i decide to let that pass. i need time to comprehend what he just said!
me: and the three toothpastes?
V: u can't throw them.
me: *menacingly* why?
V: u also use them, r'ber?
me: i use ONE toothpaste. only!
V: i use all of them. it depends on what we eat. there's one i like to use after eating red meat, one after white meat, and the third after veggies.
me: *deciding to NOT pursue this conversation* okay. there's no place to put my ONE toothbrush. we need to get a bigger paste & brush holder. maybe we shud get a rack! remind me to put it on the list.
V: *smiling like d cat who got the cream...*

boy! and i thought i was quirky!


Fuzzylogic said...

Lol,4 toothbrushes and 3 toothpastes?really!and I thought I was weird for keeping 2 toothbrushes:)

rayshma said...

lol! yeah, i LOVE buying toothbrushes! *don't ask me why!* but i don't start using another till i'm thru with one!