Jan 22, 2007

dreamz pvt. ltd.

"everyone must have big dreams; something that is slightly beyond the realms of achievement."
well, when i first heard this last night, i thought, true. we must.
but it's SO subjective. who are we to decide whether somebody's dream is big or not? whether he/she can achieve it or not.

'A' might dream of being a movie star, 'B' might dream of becoming a heroin trader, 'C' may dream of converting lead to gold *i know, that's what alchemists do!*, 'D' may just dream of having a happy life!
who's to say which is bigger. or more "realistic".

it set me thinking too. what's my big dream? and strangely, i don't have any.
when i was about 8, my big dream was to become a figure skater. *thanks to watching ice skating on tv!* then, when i was abt 10 or so, my big dream was to own a ranch. with LOTS of horses AND no help. *i wanted to look after them myself!* around the age of 15/16, i wanted to start an animal orphanage. after that, i don't think i've had any "big" dreams. *for the purview of this piece, dreaming of the manish malhotra outfit & wanting to buy it is NOT considered a dream*
i also noticed something peculiar about me. i never expected these dreams to turn into reality. i never wanted to make the effort to convert them either. i was happy living my life, knowing that i had dreams. i never learnt how to skate, always knew i wouldn't own horses and well, affording to support myself was a task, so an animal orphanage with MY money was completely out of the question! *mind u, i never had a dream of earning a lot of money!*

and no, i'm not disappointed that i haven't converted any of these dreams. there's no feeling of loss. what would i do with an animal orphanage? would i be able to manage it? same for the ranch! *moving to texas is the closest thing that's happened to realizing it* and well, though i still like horses, i wouldn't be able to live with that "horse" smell around me! but they were nice dreams.

maybe it's part of growing up. maybe it's a process, which made me realize that i needed to live each day. and be happy. and let my dreams be just that. dreams.

p.s.: i still DO dream of getting a tiger cub. and that dream, i will pursue!

disclaimer: wanting to pursue ur dreams is good. readers are encouraged to keep following their dreams. the writer is bound to contradict ideas. esp her own.


Fuzzylogic said...

Cute post!Own a tiger cub?where would you keep it?:)I had crazy dreams,when I was very small I wanted to be bus driver(My parents were so aghast hearing it)then a little older and it was an astronaut(what a transformation,from earth to sky)
and then sometime in the preteens it was to be a fashion photographer.Anyway I did leave all those behind to be a doctor.Some dreams are good to be left as dreams,and some need to be pursued,but all in all they give hope and boy,are they sweet!

rayshma said...

oh i know! but i still want the tiger cub! :)
true, all dreams DO have their wonderful moments, however silly they may be! :)