Oct 31, 2008


hectic week. snippets for thy info and entertainment. i said some, i heard some... i overheard none. enjoy. coz that's the biz now, innit?

"i'm here to ensure she pitches for business, and not her job"

"is that not your picture?
hain..?? THAT..?? erm... NO. that's priyanka chopra. we have a policy about employee pics."

"i'm going for nemo on ice. you have kids?
erm.. no... but i could borrow some if they're mandatory"

"let's work together in the coming future..."

"never thought we'd bond over trashy hindi film music... but is nice"

"u solved the entire sudoku grid in 23 minutes??"

"u're lucky for us."

"felt the chill. saw some snow. YAY."

"your mp3 player thinks it's damn smart. THAT is the problem"

"either i'll get him to sign. or i'll take his job and sign it for u myself"

"what do i do with THIS? i haven't seen a device that plays this in a really long time"

"this is to bring to your kind notice that i have successfully managed to schedule a meeting for Mo.."
"let me successfully bring to your kind notice that MO has left."

"am listening to amrinder gill..."

"am reviewing dostana & yuvraaj... for pleasure"

"i've lost 2 kgs. i should be back in shape by the time i get home"

"the tattoo will peel off. like a wound." *WTF*

"its really, REALLY nice to be back in touch with you"

"go & blog, bitch!"

"you want katrina's gown?"

"rub neigh banaa di joedi? that's a name, eh?"

"thanks. you have a weekend too"

LOL! yes, you have one too, my friend. :)


Keshi said...

hahaha @go & blog, bitch!

Happy Diwali Raysh!


PURN!MA said...

Hi , Happy Diwali!!

Hilarious as usual.m back to blogging. Thankee!!


Suma said...

what did that mean? the tattoo will peel off?

and that was fun!!! so u managed to grab kids for nemo on ice? :D

Preethi said...

lol.. the tatoo peels off?? like the one my son keeps sporting? How was Nemo on Ice?? Am not going to tell Cheeky about that.. but will tell him the rest;)

rayshma said...

preethi: haha.. no no... apparently, it's like a wound.. so it'll itch and sorta peel.. but the dye is under my skin now.. :D

suma: same as above! :D no re... couldn't go! :(

purnima: welcome back! :)

keshi: thanks, gurl! yeah, i'm so obedient... i rushed home and blogged! :D

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL! :)

La vida Loca said...

cant comment on the next post :(
I understand the feeling :)

DotThoughts said...

lol. the tattoo will peel off. like a wound." *WTF*
is priceless :)

rayshma said...

dottie: apparently, it won't.

loca: hope u can comment now... :)

rita: :)