Oct 17, 2008

squirrel whisperer..??

ok... r'ber i told u about how the uncle where i was currently staying at was a psycho? ok. here's why i said so. and yes. he was very entertaining.

for starters, he would REFUSE to let me enter the kitchen. he insisted on making me b'fast and bringing it to the table... AND serving it. so far, so good. i'm not one to complain abt comforts. but last morning, over breakfast, i was looking out onto the garden and noticed two really fat *and i mean REALLY fat* pigeons. so i commented - more to myself - that the pigeons were so fat they couldn't fly. THAT set off uncle on a spiel. he said, and i quote :
"there are squirrels also that come. they used to cause lot of trouble before. throwing nuts around on the lawn. but then i trained them. i would sit out in the garden every morning till squirrels came. then when they tried to put the nuts down, i would tap stick in front of them. took seven months, but i trained them. now they drop nuts in the corner only."

i rest my case. also, i pack my bags and shift off tomorrow morning. to a house of promises. for starters, it's near dewdrop's. secondly, i will be better connected to the internet. and most importantly, i can move about without worrying whether i'm upsetting the "system" of the frikkin house!


Galadriel said...

i don't see why you're complaining.. you've got someone serving hand to foot.. and you ostracize him?????? shame on you!

DewdropDream said...

Told ya: he's nuts and the proof is those squirrel children of his :D And I crack up every time I think of him sitting there tapping a stick :D

He was quite nice as such, if only he didn't overdo the hospitality, advice, meticulousness and talking bit.

And the new place has its own big story!!!! :D It'll be such fun when you're nearer!!!

Pixie said...


You have the most hilarious adventures ever! :)

Noodlehead said...

u dont't say!!! you're a regular creep magnet, girl. get out of there..fast.

Suma said...

he reminds me of this landlord we had in kolkata...bad enuf he adopted hubby as his son (not me)...he would enter any time to chk whetehr everything was in wiorking order and flush the unused toilet...to keep it funstioning!!!

so i can fully uinderstand you not being comfortable around him...in most cases they yearn for someone to speak to or something to look forward to...but still...

enjoy the new place and behave!!! :D

Lena said...

hope you will have it better at new place :P
but also hope you still will get your food served ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

i know..too much of love n all!!! tht too frm some uncle..some desi uncles just take it upon themselves when they see a young gurl..can get annoyin at times..My frend had an exp where her landlord started tellin her wat kind of clothes to wear n all...she was goin to pull out her hair in sheer madness!..so ya u move out soooooon!

Fuzzylogic said...

I fully agree with NH!You my friend have an knack for attracting weird people:)Get out of there fast:)

DotThoughts said...

holy cow. holy fricking cow.

rayshma said...

dottie: aahe na veda? :D

fuzz: got out. in a MUCH saner place. :)

pavi: HAHAHAA...really?! i was there just a week... thank heavens! :D

lena: no food served. but i can honestly live without that! :D

suma: this dude maintained a physical LOG to record the time he went out and got back home!!!!!

noodlez: arre which other creeps?? :D

pixie: haan... funny u all should think that way!

dewdrop: what story does this place have that u're hiding from me, eh?? the "u keep chocolate" one..? hehehehe...!!! :D
u like that man - i have his contact info - u can stay there after i leave london. he'll take u to the temple. HAHAHAHA!!! :D

galadriel: u come here. we'll put u up with him. u both can train his squirrel children then! :D