Oct 13, 2008

greetingz from the dark side.

i have reached. safe and sound. and the madness has begun. as already documented HERE. please read that if you actually want an update. :P

to fill in the pieces she left out... i HAVE to tell you the finger-bowl story.
so we're at this swanky italian place for dinner. it was my first night there, and jet-lag disorients me. so i do not remember the name of the restaurant. however, there was a vespa contest which dewdrop entered after much sniggering about "who would want a vespa?". and erm.. she really WANTS the vespa now. for classified reasons. so we shall hope she gets it, won't we? YES, we will.

ok... coming back to the story... so we're waiting for the bill. which, btw, we haven't asked for. and daftish-looking italian wannabe doesn't do anything unless he's told, i guess. so he doesn't get us the bill. i DO mention it to ms. dewdrop. that we should TELL the moron explicitly to get us the bill, but she has a different agenda. she has just had the entrepreneurial break-through idea of the century!
she's focussed on the candle on the table. and she wants to pour water into the candle stand around the candle. the neembu in our water could then be added to the thus-warmed water and THEN used as a finger bowl. tada! brainwave of the century!!! and i tell u, she better copyright it. someone's gonna read this blog and steal it. and then they'll earn all the monies... and we'll be left washing our dirty fingers in candle stands! and then they'll say, women aren't inventors. hmph!

of course, dewdrop has already told you about the cute driver boy she'd arranged to pick us up at the airport. and of course, we DO identify fiat logos.. but unfortunately car logos aren't on the side of cars. so we couldn't see it. so we waited till driver boy got out of the car and picked my luggage. then of course, he told us we could leave the trolley where it was. felt like india to me! :)

and that feeling only heightened when we reached my temporary place of residence. for one, uncle wouldn't stop talking. for 2 anti-social women like us, this was a bit much. also, he has a "system" for placing the spoons on the table. i could go on, but no, thanks. erm.. yeah, i shall let y'all know when i move out.

i HAVE to mention that dewdrop was kind enough to write a nice, detailed mail to vin as well. since i didn't have net access. and the next day, when vin called me he said i should learn mailing from her!

and yes, the cocktails we had on evening one didn't really affect us much. coz i managed to reach home from the tube station by myself. of course, dewdrop made sure i got onto the correct tube. :)
and right now, i'm "abusing her hospitality" to quote galadriel. and am finding myself a place near hers. SOON.

and oh yeah, did she mention we howled at the moon last night and then meowed for a while at Victoria? well... this is just the beginning.


DewdropDream said...

hahahahahaha!!! You flatter me and make me sound insane all at once!!! :D And I HAD forgotten about the Vespa :D

Aren't you forgetting the last interesting bits of your first day though?

Prats said...

Sounds like you are having a jolly good time ;) and Vespa?????

Anonymous said...

Such madness! :D
Enjoy... girls. :)

La Vida Loca said...

do enjoy!! and write a lot of posts so that I can live vicariously off u

Preethi said...

you sound very excited... make sure to take loads of pics too for us unlucky ones who have to make do with no adventure in life :P

Pavi!!!! said...

u reached safetly n are having fun...Thats great to hear. Now try squeeze in some work too while ur doing all the masti or u ll end up returning faster than u want ;)

btw Vespa..sounded like latin to me :((

Suma said...

you better get some work done too..okay?

have fun rayshma, and how's the other half managing?

DewdropDream said...

and oye, why you calling London the 'dark side' eh??? Humara gaon itna bhi nahi hai, haaaaannnn! :P

Keshi said...

Wonderful to know u reached London and are hvn fun.

Dark side ay? Come over to the sunny side of the world then, and thats Australia! :)


Pinku said...

wow!! howl at the moon...reminds me of all those delicious Dracula type movies....

How did you reach Romania?? I thought you were in England.

Glad to hear about your good times there, see told you it just cant be as bad as you were making it out to be.

plush said...

whoa..majaa raysh!!
psst..has dew filed a patent for the nimbu candle fingerbowl yet?

harish said...

nice post Rayshma...
So you are in the land of stiff upper lips, huh??

Dropped here through Pavi's blog...Nice place you got here

rayshma said...

harish: thanks! :) and welcome here... i think we've interacted before...:)

pinku: with the right company, england can be as much fun as romania ;)

keshi: for now, me shall enjoy here. btw, aussie was the original plan which got changed to london! :)

dewdrop: gaon itna KYA nahi hai? piyakkad! ;)

suma: see? that's why u're nice. u ask abt vin! :) he's doing okay... and so am i, actually. work's going good.. will pick up pace real soon !

pavi: vespa? the scooter?? italiano... not latin.

preethi: ok. enuf of the mid-life crisis! :P

loca: lots more posts coming... :)

alice: :D

prats: hehee.. i know... VESPA! :D

dewdrop: shh...!!!! :D

DewdropDream said...

Bura!!! Gaon ko bura kaha tumne :(

rayshma said...

dewdrop: KYA likh rahi ho? KAB bura kaha???
btw, i LOUVED the food today! :D

rayshma said...

plush: ask teh silly child urself. but don't ya copy the concept!!! :P

Meghna said...

hmm good one. Here for the first time. Liked it!

rayshma said...

meghna: thanks...and welcome :)