Oct 1, 2008


let me tell u the story of a friend of mine. a blog-pal at that too. so some of you may already know her.

so, galadriel's on a sabbatical. she'd like ppl to believe that it's because she's going thru a "bad phase"

but let me give u the real story.
the blinds in her apartment weren't functioning. so the maintenance guys came and fixed them. NO, nothing happened with the maintenance guys. she's a good (??) gurl and this isn't HER porn blog. so.

the blinds were fixed. and the curious cat that she is, she had to play with them. like a cat plays with a ball of wool left around? that way.

and while this cat was playing with the window blinds... they fell down. ON her head! HAHAHAHA... !!!

and THAT is why she's on a break.
so there.

no, this story has no relevance for any of u. but i could visualize the blinds falling on her head and i found it hilarious. also, i have nothing else to blog about!


DewdropDream said...

ahan?? I have something funnier to narrate... just you wait! :D

Galadriel said...

Gah... you alter the truth...... they did NOT fall on my head, they fell on the window sill!! I demand a retraction! Outrageous.

K 3 said...

Ouch!!! :D

Preethi said...

@ Galadriel..so did your computer fall out with it.. you playing with that too girl??

Anonymous said...

Is that for real? And the lady can't say that, and let's people go on thinking something's really wrong? Hmmph.


Keshi said...

r ya serious Raysh? LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!


Keshi said...

btw I didnt mean to laff at her but just the whole scene makes me laff. lol sorry!


rayshma said...

keshi: hehe.. u bet i'm serious! :D and heyy, tiz ok... she's a good sport. besides, have asked her before blogging this! :D

alice: is sure as hell true! of course, she's lying and telling all that they fell on the window sill & all... :D

preethi: no, no... just the blinds fell on her head. can't imagine what would happen if the computer fell on her head! ROTFL!!! :D

K3: :D

galadriel: phtooey!!! are u still "blinded?" :D

dewdrop: maybe YOU should wait till we meet. something tells me u're gonna be good fodder for this space too. ;)

Suma said...

ha..ha...that was so funny....but seriously, blinds are meant to be fooled around with...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

poor thing..a smile for all of us at her cost

La vida Loca said...

Have a Tag for u

DewdropDream said...

I refuse to become blog fodder. If you insist I will only say 'Miaow' to you so our conversations will be:

You: Soo... how was your day?
Me: Miaow
You: Let's go somewhere
Me: Miaow!!
You: Oh come on!!! TALK!!
Me: Miaooooowwwrrrrr!!! Hiiisssssss!! SPIT!


Pavi!!!! said...


n poooor Galadriel...my sympathies with the gurl...

rayshma said...

pavi: hehe.. now, go wish her! :)

dewdrop: now, THAT is blog fodder! :D
don't worry.. i don't publish anything without prior permissions. :)

loca: done! :)

CU: hehee... yeah! :)

suma: yeah. but u are also s'posed to be agile and move away while they fall! HAHAHAHA!!

~nm said...

Meanie you are! :D

sahana said...

god! raysh! u r such a "....cat???..."
they must have hit her 'blind spot!!!!' na??
lol lol lol!!!!