Oct 8, 2008

my bags are packed...

and i'm ready to go. well, almost.
most formalities are done with. and i have no further excuse to not go. though leaving vin here should be excuse enough. but well, i guess it isn't.

so, let me make this official.

i leave for London on the 10th. i may not have access to internet at least till the 14th. so i'll see y'all here post then.

and dewdrop - i'll see u. real soon. :)


Galadriel said...

i expect you to call. and get me something when you're back.

oh, and work a little while you're at it. :P

DewdropDream said...

I'm counting the hours, believe me!!! Going all 'awwwwww' over you feeling sad about leaving Vin... but your trip shall be over befire you know it and you'll see him again!!! Meantime, alarms places strategically around your place should help ;)

And hi-flying blogger you... travelling internationally and all... envious I am!!! What must I do to get a job like yours eh? :D

P said...

Happy journey and good luck with your new adventure!
Expecting some fun posts on your experiences there :)

La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

Have a safe trip. Say hi to dew drop for me :)

rayshma said...

loca: thanks! sure will say hi to her! :)

P: thanks! yup.. shall update soon as i can!

dewdrop: after knowing everything, u still want the job? SIGH! i'll fill u in on how u can get it! ;) 2 days more... YAYY!!!! :)

galadriel: yes. and of course, yes. but i shall not tell u what i get u. :D
work? my visa says business "visit". lol!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Have a wonderful trip & all the best for your new assignment !

prats said...

Have a great trip and make the best out of it

Anonymous said...

Lucky you , london and all :D btw.. I dont remem how long you are there...?
you can get something for me too... and ship it to india :P
you r leaving vin with MIL no?
All the best, girl !

Lena said...

Have a wonderful time there!!
All the very best! :)

Ankur said...

Good Luck.. have a gala time there!!! :)



DewdropDream said...

You yourself said it... 'visit' not work. So I want that and the money :D

mayG said...

hey Resh! best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wish you all the best ..take care and keep posting ..


Mystic Margarita said...

All the best, Resh. Have a safe trip :)

rayshma said...

rita: thanks :)

beena: sure will... thx! :)

mayG: muah!! :)

dewdrop: leaving comments like these will ensure u get the job! ;) and erm...u already have part of the money! :D

ankur: thanks! :)

lena: thx! will keep u updated.

alice: there till dec 21... :)) will update u soon as i get my number there...

prats: thanks! :)

CU: thank u! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

ohhh tomo that is! Have a safe journey rayRay!Wish u All the Very Best! Have as much fun as u can n squeeze in work when u have the times.

Remem..eventually ur coming back to V n Time Flies n so keeping the flirting wit the cute boyz within limits ;)

n stay good okay!

Keshi said...

TC Raysh HUGS!

See yaz soon!


Suma said...

hey have a safe journey and don't enjoy tooooooo much ;)

i hope the Londoners are prepared for this...:D

Pinku said...

bon voyage honey!!!

have a lovely time and post us some pics please!!!

carolinagal said...

Have a fun and safe trip!

Preethi said...

and now for some London tales!!

Anonymous said...

cool..london is it.? for how long?say hi to the queen

Pixie said...

Have a lovely time and safe journey! :-)