Oct 18, 2008

i will it to thee...

when Ike had hit houston... galadriel had called to check whether i've died. and if i had, she wanted to know what i'd left for her in my will. so i thought... let me actually make a will. and make it public. so here goes. and i'm excluding family from this list.
suruchi: she gets ALL my stationery. all my books, except the dictionary. and my shuffle alongwith my music collection. she's the only person who can appreciate my music collection. aside from poonam. but then, i want to leave my shuffle to advika. so...

vibha: ALL my skimpy clothes. and my stirrers.

minal: my photos. and my passwords.

poonam: she gets vin. and everything that goes along with him. :D it's a long-standing arrangement between us. she also wanted my shoes, but they won't fit her. oh yeah, she also gets my non-skimpy clothes. ALL of them.

galadriel: well, u want my jewelery. so u shall get it. as a speshul bonus, i'll also give u my hand-bags.

dewdrop: she gets all my footwear. she also gets my bags. since she called them 'funky' :D see? flattery will get u almost anything. once i'm dead, of course! :D

joy: u get back the pre-paid card u got me! LOL!! and u can keep my phone with it. actually, no... let vin keep the phone.

ambarish: my dictionary. not that he needs it. but i think he would like it.

that's it. short and sweet. i can't think of anything more that i treasure.
all of u who've got stuff... lemme know if u're happy. the rest of u... like there's a hell lot reading, but still... if someone were to leave u something in their will... NOT money, obviously.... what would u like?

edited to add: alice gets any and all cat pictures that i possess. by the time i die, if i have any cats, she gets them too. i'm sure u'll take good care of them :)


Galadriel said...

intellectual property!!!! :D

thanks for the jewelry and the bonus.. :D

La vida Loca said...

right now, I have a 1 track mind..that's all I want :)
you probably know what it is.

Lena said...

lol now they ll have reasons to kill you :P :P :P
but on a serious note it was super duper sweet from you :D

Preethi said...

and I get nothing???? I want the books :(( I almost got us killed this morning .. my love for books did.. I was driving (oh yes you read that right.. I was driving) and I spotted a garage sale literally on the road.. and I saw books.. so I wanted to stop.. till M started yelling.. what now you want to get us killed? so I went home and as per his suggestion looked at the "few hundred books I have managed to accumulate in the past 2 years" .. now I am thinking can I sneak out and go back to the books on the road?!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

The easy way you handle life..Is that possible to leave that behind !

Anonymous said...

You left me out.. I am super-sad now. :(
You could atleast have left me your collection of cat-pics, or cats, you know?!

rayshma said...

alice: aww.. i am SO sorry. yes, i shall will ALL my cat pics (and if i have any cats, then them) to you. i shall edit and add that there.
have a nice cat story for u... will mail u :)

CU: that is so sweet. thank u.

preethi: ok... i've lost focus. all i read is "i was driving..." u're motivating me to get behind the wheel when i get back there. :)

lena: hehee.. that's one way to look at it. i may as well gather who has the most reason to kill me ;)

loca: yeah.. and i do hope and wish you get it. really. :)

galadriel: intellectual and me is seldom spoken in the same sentence positively. more so, by u. :D

Anonymous said...

Ah. Thank you!! :D

Keshi said...

wow I get nothing, I must be the LUCKIEST! cos I really dun like stuff haha!


Keshi said...

If someone were to leave me anything, plz leave NOTHING. :)


Fuzzylogic said...

Looks like London is treating you well Raysh. Sorry have been late in catching up. I wish someone would will me some superpowers so I could zip and zoom ,join you girls for an evening of fun and get back in seconds:)

DewdropDream said...

You mean Galadriel and I will have to share your handbags??? Not fair!! One of us will have to move continents for starters. Okay Galadriel, I'll share hand-bags if you share jewellery. Deal? :D

And I wish someone would leave me a library as an inheritance. Complete with mahigany panelling, teak furniture, fireplace and a bay-window. Sigh

rayshma said...

dewdrop: erm... as per the will, YOU get the bags u called funky. my LUGGAGE waala, 20 kg bags. galadriel gets my hand-bags.
i also want someone to will me a library. but alas! i know of nobody who'd do that.... :(

fuzz: as long as u keep blogging, all's well, fuzz! :D u can take ur time in reading this space. just keep updating urz :D
it'll be awesome if you could zip & zoom here!! really. :)

keshi: why don't u like stuff? i would like stuff from friends i'm really close to... i will always have the memories in my mind.. but someday, i'd like to have something tangible from them. like a library... or books or ganesha idols. :)

alice: u're welcome. if u want, i can adopt "chocolate" and ship him over to india? ;)

Anonymous said...

Heheh.. that's sooo sweet of you.. coz you are now giving me something that's not even yours ;) :P :D

Keshi said...

I dunno Raysh...mebbe it breaks my heart even more to see stuff they once owned. Like when I see my dad's wristwatc now, I cant help tears rolling down my cheeks...so I dun look at em all that much.


lostonthestreet said...

hmm ..if anyone wants to leave me anything in their will-besides the money of course- they can leave me their villas!!!

DotThoughts said...

what about kyra? do I get her?:P

rayshma said...

dottie: so sweet! YES. u get kyra. AND my daughter. don't forget! :P

lost: hmm... make sure they live in indian villas. cleaning up is a pain you can definitely do without. :D

keshi: i see your point now... hugs!

Keshi said...


sorry abt typos, cos Im always in a hurry! :)


Keshi said...

*HUGZ* n ty!


Pixie said...


Nice will! :)
You got me thinking about my will now :P

Pavi!!!! said...

ahh brilliant! n now u've got me thinking abt who I'll give away my stuff to..and wat i want from each of my friends..

The photos n passwords..had such a touching effect on me!

Beyond Indigo (yes its me...) said...

Where are all the skimpy clothes? I want them NOW! And the stirrers - I shall sponsor the drinks:)

rayshma said...

bitch: u have to wait till i die! :D sponsor the drinks na pliss??? then u shall drink, nap and then dance like crazy! :D HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
i SO miss u woman!!!

pavi: :) thanks! minal sed she'd be certified crazy once she gets them. :)

pix: yeah, i think everyone should have one.

keshi: :)