Oct 2, 2008

happy b'day galadriel!

we don't only laugh at people. we also wish people, who provide us good laughs and promise to provide us with porn * here, here AND here*, a VERY ROCKIN' BIRTHDAY!!!
DO wish her luck as well. what with blinds falling on her head, she sure needs it!

image: gettyimages dot com


Preethi said...

:) you are nice.. you know that?!! and I am surprised!! that you are nice!! :) hehe!! Happy bday Galadriel!!

Keshi said...

Happy Bday to ur friend! :)


Compassion Unlimitted said...

I couldnt count the candles..who cares..Happy birthday to galadriel

Galadriel said...


this is special. :D

Pinku said...

hey G,

Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead...and all that falls on your head are showers of blessings and maybe a couple of diamonds in your favourite cut :)

La vida Loca said...

Happy bday! have a good one

Pavi!!!! said...

ROFL! Happy B'day Galadriel!