Sep 24, 2008

inquisitiveness... u're a process!

now that i'm done with the visa process, i can finally blog this! i HATE all visa processes! the last time was a nightmare with the US visa. this time, a lot better with the U.K.

but i like the UK. i can relate to it. their questions are so desi! i could imagine a pot-bellied indian govt official asking them to me. but of course, they're nice. and really helpful, if u must know. really. unlike what any indian govt official has been to me, so far.

at the beginning of the application, they insist we must submit our original documents. because, to quote them "It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document in its place."
so sweet.

after asking me the basic details, we come to the part of children.
do you have any children?
what amazed me was the tone of the questions that would follow if i said YES.
where do these children live?
where are these children now?

uhh... am glad i don't have kids yet!
so i click no, and move on...

will any other children be traveling with you?
hain? WHY would i want OTHER children with me? i like kids n all... but i don't like traveling with them. really.

then, there are three pages asking me to 'fess up if i'm a criminal. i doubt a criminal would cave-in to the nature of the questions, but i guess they need to ask them by security standards.
however, while going through them, i was tempted to say yes when i was asked if i have been involved in anti-social activities in the past. i asked vin... "uhh... is turning up nose at new desi neighbor an anti-social activity?? do they need to know that? will it affect my visa app?" i followed vin's advice and said "no" to the question... if u must ask. so now i presume i'm quite social.

next question:
Have you, ever been a member of, or given support to an organisation that has been concerned in terrorism?
wishful answer: if you grant me a visa, i'm a hungama employee. we regularly terrorize our clients and competitors. we actually take pride in that... but i guess that doesn't count. if u mean national terrorism, then no. corporate? yes! :)
actual answer: NO.

Have you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?
wishful answer: there may be people who think so. but i wouldn't include them in my references, u know. and will someone please define "good character" to me?!
actual answer: NO.

this one had me completely foxed.
what do u intend to do in the UK?
erm... i dunno... travel around. see the place, the people that ruled us for so many years. i've heard it's a beautiful country...

do u have family here? do you intend to visit them?
HAHAHA... i'd love to not visit any family, u know! anywhere!

and then, u come to my favorite part... which made me feel like i'm going through an interrogation by an aunt in dilli or kanpur...
how much do you earn every month?
how much do you spend every month?
how much does your husband earn?
What is the cost to you personally, of your stay there?
How much of your total monthly income is given to your family members and other dependents?
Who will pay for your travel?
Who will pay for your food & acco?

erm... am so glad i knew the answers. and i guess they're correct too.
u know, end of the day... i AM glad i got my visa. i'd have gone through this for nothing otherwise! of course, now i'm also prepared to attend family weddings and give the "sahi jawaab!"

disclaimer: this may not be verbatim, unless said so... this is what i remember. and like most things in this blog, please take this with a pinch of salt.


Pavi!!!! said...

The Qs in all of these forms that have to be filled to get a visa are ridiculous....
R u part of any terrorist group? is the most ridiculous one in my opinion!

Solitaire said...

Congrats on the visa!
Do all nationals have to go through the same application process or do some citizens of certain countries have it easy?

Preethi said...

I liked the disclaimer.. I need to add that to my blogs to.. PINCH OF SALT!! Hilarious post!! loved it!! :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Visa in hand and with so many questions (and answers of Course )its no more pinch of salt !
Have a great time & when is the departure ?

ceedy said...

Hahah - hilarious post

Can so relate to it....went thru this humding last year

Congrats on the visa

Keshi said...

Visa matters r only getting more complex cos of all the terrorism and sick ppl in this world.

Im happy u got it :)


Pixie said...

Congrats! :)
Have a great trip... when are u leaving?

Lena said...

I remember myself applying to UK Visa and it was kind of similar experience and i believe even same thoughts run through my mind :D
Congrats on the visa. You will enjoy it there, thats an amazing country :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Congrats babe!London,here she comes:):)
I always find the whole visa process tedious and the some of the questions pretty ridiculous. Enjoyed the post..go ahead and spread the love you corporate tiger you!:)

Pinku said...

Congrats man...that always is nerve wrecking till that Visa shows up no matter how many times you have through the process.

Good luck! Have fun in London....and post some good posts and pics from there

Pinku said...

thats always gruelling no matter how many times you been through it before.

Now that you have it Congrats!!remember to post some nice stuff and pics from there

DotThoughts said...

congrats! start packing?

Prats said...

heheh....the pinch of salt has been added....but must say, you have the patience...I lose mine half way through...and wish i can say yes to the res...but knowing the forms...all of them will have
" are you involved with any outfit supporting terrorism" and I must just have said " yes" :(
Congrats and have fun UK'ing and checking out the Angrez ki Zamaane ki log

DewdropDream said...

Warning: Apparently London's going to be hit by a hurricane soon, they're saying things will be turned upside down in no time by it. It's called Hurricane Rayshma.

wait. That's you! :D

hehehe!!! cannot wait to see you here babe!!!

Visa forms crack me up all the time... they do ask the most inane questions!!! Maybe they'll start issuing passports for pets next... and do thorough identity checks for them too... and use Dogbook or Catbook (or some such thing) to verify it all :P

*goes away skipping and clapping hands in excitement*

Galadriel said...


you leave me and go..

Anonymous said...

that was too funny...

and have fun creating havoc in LONDON!!!!

when u leaving?


Aryan said...

Have fun in London

~nm said...

hahaha..hilarious. Thank god I didn't have to go through all this when I got my US one.

rayshma said...

~nm: lucky u! :)

AM: thanks.

suma: dunno yet. sometime arund next weekend, i think...

galadriel: can i dare? i'll harass u from there also.. don't u worry.

dewdrop: hehee... catbooks for cats will be hilarious! :D and yes, i'm SO looking forward to meeting u! :D

prats: for a moment, i thought u're gonna say check out the "angrez ki aulaad" ;)

dottie: not yet. will wait till a day before. then will let MIL pack! :D

pinku: sure will. maybe i need a change of place to start blogging again! :D

fuzz: i'm still not over the fact that u're back to blog-ville! :) and yeah, this winter i'll be cribbing WITH u! :D

lena: good to know u liked it. i can hope for good times! :)

pix: tentatively, around the 10th. lessee...

keshi: yeah. and i also think these rules/measures are necessary. it's just boring to fill out the long forms!

ceedy: thx! and yeah, i hate the process too.

CU: thanks! :) shall keep u posted on the departure... :)

preethi: :D

sol: no clue, gurl. i guess if u need a visa, then u go thru the same forms...

pavi: u bet! heyy.. u okay with the leaving and all...? will catch u on mail...