Sep 15, 2008

heyy... i'm alive!!!

well, it's been so long since i came here. wow! actually, wanted to come here y'day... but i lost the link to my blog. just today, i realized that i've linked it up on orkut... so here i am!

what has been happening? well, in no p'lar order... this:
moving. we've finally moved into our apartment. unpacked almost all the boxes *except the 3 with the books & 1 with some of the footwear.* and all except 3 bags. yes. all 3 bags are filled to the brim with MY stuff. i cannot unpack them yet coz i have to figure out where to put the stuff once it's out. sigh! i should really get to that, u know...

MIL. it's been a relief, as i keep saying. we get along as well as we did when we lived away. and i don't think it's too soon to say we like each other. she's been here a while now, after all. if she wanted to be mean, she'd have tried by now. but no, TOUCHWOOD. i have a nice MIL. there, i've said it!

work. things are moving at a snail's pace. and i'm thoroughly disgusted with that. i like things to move fast... shall do a post on that soon.

HURRICANE! yes. it came, it howled, it rained. Ike left a lot of folks homeless, water-less, power-less. not much damage here. we're all fine, thank u. our phone lines have died, tho. so if any of you tried to call me and couldn't get thru, plz note - I AM ALIVE. and i DO get VMs. *yes, galadriel - that was for u. YOU bitch!*
and yes, to all u nice folks who mailed/scrapped me. thanks. felt really nice to know that if i died one fine day, ppl would notice.
to you morons who call urself my close friends and didn't know i was hurricane hit - u have me to answer to!

blogging. hasn't been happening. neither me visiting nor writing. but then, here i am. trying to blog when i should be thinking of where to put my stuff! i do make feeble attempts at reading ur blogs. but i haven't got down to all of them yet. i will.soon. promise.

thanks for being around... if any of you still are, that is!


carolinagal said...

Glad to know you are safe and did not have much damage.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

We all are there &wishing you the best,in settling down, and looking forward to seeing you soon in the Blogworld

suma said... ike came and went too? i'm very disoriented these days...blame it on my boyz...exams...vomiting (the boy, not me :D)...i'm gonna disappear soon

and welcome back...ofcourse people will notice if you are silent...'cos there's no such thing as a quiet rayshma...

and coming to the comment you left on my blog, hey, i know more versions of young and giving me more awards? :P

Prats said...

heheh....yay!!! we have hurricane raysh back.!! :P
And you did send ur link to netherworld too...i'm glad orkut had that option or else i'd still be searching for the links..
Now after you finish deciding or thinking where to put all those 'your stuff' get back to blogging....we missed you out here

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you all are well.....
no I didnt call u up :(

more later........
P.S. packing started, and 1 bag already full!!


Ankur said...

Didnt know actually u too in Texas!!

hope alls well at ur end!! :)

how u doing?

Pinku said...

welcome back hurricane survivor...nice to know things are settling down and best of all that you have a nice MIL doesnt happen too often that a DIL says that.

As for the stuff spill them out and leave them there...they will find comfy spaces for themselves...try it, it works.

Trishna said...

Ohhh Shit! I have been so preoccupied.. just didnt realise that you were in Ike's Path too!
So sorry babe..I am glad you are OK!

DewdropDream said...

Where would we go? And how can you forget your own blog's link???!!!! Should have asked me, I know if odd by heart :D Now go unpack, you have to pack again anyway, might as well sort it all out in one go! :D

Lena said...

its good to know you are safe, alive but busy :P
Take care, girl :)

Preethi said...

aiyeee.. I fit in the last category.. I forgot this time to call all my friends in that area.. Ike totally wiped out from my mind :( glad to know you are ok!! Knew something as small as a hurricane couldn't touch you {wink}

sahana said...

u seem to be having a lot of excitement happennin, so u probably could do with not blogging for a while....
but good u did! and u were actually hit by the hurricane and nothing happened....?

to it, i mean?
leaving to to your storms and your teacups (which, btw, i hope u have unpacked , afterall!)

Pavi!!!! said...

Wooow...ur almost unpacked already! i moved in over a month back n yet have some unpacked boxes!

Touchwood abt u getting along well with the MIL!

n Good luck for things to speeden up on the work-front.

Galadriel said...

blah.. bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha! you call someone to check on them and all you get is gaalis.. *stomps off to sulk in corner*

rayshma said...

galadriel: calling a hurricane-hit person and calling her a bitch?! kya bhalai hai! :D
and don't lie.. u're stuffing ur face in that corner... not sulking! :P

pavi: yeah.. i unpacked coz i dunno if & when i need to pack again... touchwood, indeed! :)

sahana: hehee!! NOW u sound like a perfect friend! :D yep.. unpacked teacups.. actually, hurricane ensured that we cudn't step out... so we managed to unpack! :D

preethi: yes yes.. u fall under that category! :D but tiz okay... :) anyway, u cudn't have gotten thru my phone...

lena: :) will drop by ur space soon... i still have to pick my award! :D

DDD: hehee.. shhh... re-packing secret hai! ;)

trish: chill gurl.. i should be apologizing to u! i thought u've already left. i'm getting more scatter-brained by the hour!!

pinku: maybe i'll try that! :)

ankur: yup.. texas, it is.. and yeah, all's well here.

alice: :D good good.. advice kaam aaya?

prats: i was feeling so silly thinking i'd have to ask one of u gurls for my own blog link! :D

suma: now, THAT's what i call motivation... wait and watch, gurl! ;)

CU: so sweet! thanks! :)

CG: thanks! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Visit my blog when u get the chance..

K 3 said...

Moving is never fun, is it! Glad at least ur back to blogging. Come on out with the stories!

Lavs said...

And someone has totally forgotten me and my awards for me, no tags...
**goes off to sulk in one corner**

Keshi said...

So glad to hear from u Raysh! And we r glad ur safe n sound in ur new aptmt.

Ur like me...when I move, I unpack ALL the boxes within a day or so...and straight away my new house wud look like I've lived there for years. LOL!


how nice. I think ur a great DIL, thats why ur MIL is nice to u :)

*HUGZ* so lovely to hv ya bak, even at snail pace!


DotThoughts said...

glad to know you are well and unpacking :)

Anonymous said...

Hurricane? where? when?..not asking why :-P...but good to hear all fine out there for you!!

Solitaire said...

I am still around..though not as much.
Glad to know things are going well for you.

Fuzzylogic said...

*One of those moronic friends shows up shuffling her feet and wondering if she should even dare say a hi* "Sorry Raysh for being that moronic friend but I'm so glad that you guys are fine. Moving and relocating as well?Gosh I need to catch up on all that's happening on your side. Give me some time and I will. For now will a big hug do?"

rayshma said...

fuzz!!! i am SO glad u're back. this space has missed u too! and u already know i missed u! :D
u're forgiven everything for getting back here.
moving happened... relocating... well, not yet. dunno if that's happening for sure yet ;)

BIG hug to u as well!! :)

sol: shall cross my fingers till things get better for u too... and pls r'ber... u're always welcome here.

lost: texas. hurricane Ike. :)

dottie: :)

keshi: i agree. unpacking makes it "home"ly :)
but usually, i'm really lazy abt it! :D
reg my MIL, well, it's two-way traffic. we've both tried. and now we both like the other. touchwood! we do have our differences.. but heyy, i have those with my mom as well. end of the day, i know she means me well. :)

lavs: say that again, will ya?! ;) and woman, i thought u had ur hands full, so no tags! :)

k3: ess ess. ahista ahista! ;)

pavi: i came, i saw, i commented! :)