Sep 17, 2008

one in a million

lena awarded me this. and it's been ages ago now. so here it is. i'm really really pleased. and lena - thanks a ton gurl! u're one friend worth so much more than a million dollars! :)
in award tradition, i'm supposed to pass this on. so here it goes:
suma. *see what happens when u motivate me by calling me pretty & young?*


lavs. *for having a baby, managing him through all his troubles and rendering an unflinching account of it. loved the candidness there.*



and every one of u who reads me. who has stood by me. through good times, not-so-good-times, breaks and rantings. you know you deserve it!

**i'm not linking up... have stuff to do! :) pls collect ur awards guys! :)


Pavi!!!! said...

It is indeed raining awards in blogsphere :)

Congrats n Thanks !

Pavi!!!! said...

Its raining awards in blosphere :)

Congrats n Thanks..

The million n friend brings a spl smile on my face :)

Anonymous said...

That's my 3rd pending award... if I don't pick any up soon... my award cabinet will overflow... :O

Nonsense aside, thanks babe. :)


K 3 said...

Wah! Came here to say you have something special on my page to see this .... This just too kewl!! Thx yaar.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

arre..just landed here to go thru your latest and find you have awarded me..thanks Rayshma..its nice of you & good feel in getting an award

Suma said...

ok...just because i are also intelligent, witty, have good taste too (esp when selecting friends) ;)

thanks girl, i like this virtual vibe we have...

psst..long time since you ranted...

Keshi said...

gee wow thats abt the 10th time I got that award in 3 weeks woohoo! ;-)

And congratts to ya! U deserve it...cos ur AWESOME Raysh!

*HUGS* TC now!


Ankur said...

OMG!!! Thanks a lot for the award!! :)

and yeah... congrats to u too!!! :)

have fun...

Trish said...

Aww thank you!

Galadriel said...

what's a candidness?

Galadriel said...

what's a candidness?

La vida Loca said...

thanks babe :)

sahana said...

good to see my name right there on top of the list! thanks! for my first ever blog award!!!!!

Preethi said...

Thanks gurl !!!:)

Fuzzylogic said...

"Me!Me!and I'm back!!"*sticking her hand up and jumping then sadly realizing she wasn't on the list*

*Walks away singing "dost dost na raha" with a big pout*

rayshma said...

fuzz!!! go pick ALL three awards, gurl!
so glad u're back... there should be a new award just for that! :)

preethi: u deserve it!

sahana: :) go flaunt it! :)

loca: flaunted it yet?

galadriel: what's with leaving multiple blank comments, eh?
and u, of all people, should know! ;)

trish: don't disappear, okay?

ankur: u're welcome. thanks for being so regular here! :)

keshi: so u know you do deserve it! :)

suma: lol! honestly, even without the bribe, u'd have bagged this one! ;)

comps: u really are one in a million. :)

k3: :D

alice: if u don't pick this up soon, i'll forfeit it! ;) what're u planning to do? pack it..? ;)

pavi: yup, it is! :)

lostonthestreet said...

Rayshma or Reshma? big question on my mind now.Or is it some other Reshma who left a comment on my blog?

Pinku said...

hey...thats sweet..thanks a ton...and by the way its good to see you frequenting the blog again.

rayshma said...

pinku: u're welcome :)

lost: depends. u're looking for the blogger or the banjara dancer? ;)
it is me, in case u're still wondering.

Mystic Margarita said...

Thanks, Resh! Means a lot to me, girl. :)