Sep 23, 2008

not yet leaving on a jet plane...

u know how you have people who year after year do the same things? i think i'm becoming one of them. of course, a lot of the details have changed... so it's not exactly the same. but still.

last year, this time, i was super happy to be home. after a depressing 3 months in dubai. this year, this time... i'm planning to fly off to depressing london.
of course, i don't know WHEN. because in typical cult-fashion, the cult has disowned me shortly after i received my UK visa. now it's upto me to call and check and follow up whether they want me in UK after all. SIGH.
dunno if you r'ber, but i went through the same 'unknowns' last year before the dubai stint happened.

there's something abt the cult... they send me to lovely places in real bad weather. it was dubai in the peak of summer. now it's london in the snowy winters. guess not everyone likes me. but to quote the boss "if you think i don't like you, then you must see what i do to people i really dislike" well, considering he's the desi version of don corleone, we shall not want to see that.

agreed, it's not the best time to go there. but heyy, this isn't a vacation. i'm going for work.

silver lining? dewdrop's there. and i really wanna meet her. Poo's also a couple hours away from london. so i'm hoping we can catch up. and hopefully, it won't be as depressing. going by the recent conversations, it won't be remotely so.

now, if only i knew when i had to leave, i could fix up my acco and get excited about going...

p.s.: since i didn't mention. i'm also excited about kicking ass by being at work. that's my favoritest part of working with the cult. no other place will praise you for being snooty with a client.


La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

oh good u decided to go!
all in a good time.....patience! Now i need to take my own advise

DewdropDream said...

:D Cannot wait to see you!!!! And I'll see to it that you won't remember London as depressing :)

Yay! Fun time sooooooooooooooon!!!

Solitaire said...

Can I come visit when you are there?

DotThoughts said...

but you will get to see christmas lights in london :) have a fun culty trip :)

Preethi said...

they want you.. and they love you!! don corleone et al!! London.. what fun.. have always wanted to go there.. now I will come visit :) lets talk before you go!!

K 3 said...

No dates for the trip yet, hmm ... can this be after Nov? Coz I am most definitely/likely making a trip to TX in Nov :D

carolinagal said...

What kind of a 'cult' is this?

Anonymous said...

Dude, snowy winters and all in london? enjoy the snow i say .. if there is any, what with global warming and all.

i am so so so so so... hoping we get to meet.
*fingers and toes crossed for good luck*

Pixie said...

Cool... I've always wanted to visit London. Visit, not work there! (Not sure why this is so... )

Hope you have a great and safe trip

Ankur said...

Look hows everyone is tellin u its good... but i will really tell u London and Winter, think of all the things u r gonna buy there, all the accessories...!!!! :D

So pack ur bags and kick ass there too!! !:)

Good Luck!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Looks like he made you an offer you can't refuse:)London in winter sounds cakewalk when compared to the Dubai summer stint. Go for it Raysh!I'm sure you will have a blast there. I've heard it's beautiful out there in the holidays.

Pinku said...

hey thats awesome...u get to travel so much...make the most of it and hey girl do be snooty and all by all means with your clients but dont say travelling to different places is not fun...even if the weather may not be the best that can be. :)

Prats said...

Whatever....just have fun...winter, or not....enjoy it by being the 'fun'

Pavi!!!! said...

London in winter will be beautiful..u'll get to see the White Christmas that everyone here waits for so eagerly! Now go shoppin for lovely winter coats n boots n smart caps n mufflers etc etc.. Winter shoppin can be fun too!

Suruchi said...

all the best babes!

Anonymous said...

Silent One

hey resh, just caught up with this....
email me please....... yayyyyyy.....(hope you figured out who this is !!)

Galadriel said...

whatchu bringin for me???

rayshma said...

galadriel: u mean ur list isn't ready yet?

silent one: erm... sorry. but no clue who this is... :( let's do one thing... U mail me... and then i'll reply?

suruchi: :) YOU know i need it! :)

pavi: me no like shopping much... but yeah, now that i'm going.. i'll try to have fun.

prats: :)muah!

pinku: oh, no. i love the travel. honestly. :)

fuzz: oh god! u've crossed over to the dark side. u're spewing his lines also! :D

ankur: i'll save there and spend them here at the post-x'mas sale! i'm bright! ;)

pix: thanks :)

alice: :)
u'll be nice and warm by christmas, woman! :)

CG: corporate cult. :)

K3: aww... no.. leaving oct.. .returning dec. when u coming here?

preethi: yes! :)

dottie: and i shall keep u updated... u in india yet?

sol: erm... of course!

dew : i'm still smiling. :)

loca: :D