Sep 2, 2008

blog BFF

loca awarded me this one! :)
i'm thrilled. so much that i'm stealing net time to post it.

and i pass this on to:
suruchi: blog or otherwise... i can't do without u!
minal: i hope u still read my blog

i know i can count on any of you at any point of time! blogging wouldn't have been the same without you gurls. am sorry if i missed out on a lot of u. am a tad hurried right now... what with stealing internet time & all! :D
see y'all on the 12th now!

muah!! :)

edited to add: also awarding this to dottie. but i don't think i'll ever be able to be on back-slapping terms with her. i am too much in awe of her for that! :D


Preethi said...

Hey thanks :) but whats with the 12th? hmm.. anyway good luck!! :)

Galadriel said...

yayy.. one more.. they don't seem to stop, do they?!!

K 3 said...

kya baat hai! two awards back to back! :D Great work!

Keshi said...

btw I awarded u the same one yday! :):)

come and collect ur award!

And hey congrattz!


Anonymous said...

Awww..... ya know, your last post reminded me that I have been visitng this space for more than a year now.. and that I keep coming back for more. :)
Will pick up the award in a while... recovering from long-weekend-jetlag ;)
12th is too long to wait!! :(
Hey, best luck with all the packing and moving. I am waiting for tips, remember? :D


Ankur said...

going out is it!!!

have fun...


Suma said...

oi...thank you..

here's to blog sisterhood!!!

Pinku said...


celebration times ahead!!!

Hope to see u back soon on blogland!

DotThoughts said...

what an uber cute award :) Thanks a bucket! so much honored to be your bloggie bff. And, I am much overrated. Skip the awe :)

DewdropDream said...

Same pinch!!! :D

Rohit Tripathi said...

Awards pe awards.. gr8 going :-)

New Post :
मेरी पहली कविता...... अधूरा प्रयास

Pavi!!!! said...

waah waah! ur on a break n still keep gettin awards! way to go gurl :)

Suma said...

and i give this award back to you...heh..heh..heh...

Prats said...

How's the break ????
Have you found a place as yet?

And yes...congrats on these sure deserve each one

Anonymous said...

U better start looking for extra space to hoard all those awards!!! Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Just blog-hopping...I love your theme!