Dec 14, 2007

wicked wicked me...!

the wicked fuzzy tagged me to blog abt MY wickedness. she cudn't have found a better time. rite when i'm introspecting why santa's refused to visit me in a long long time.. she reminds me that i'm wicked! hmm... i don't deny i'm wicked. but i'm very subtly wicked. usually, people don't realize i'm being wicked towards them. they think i'm being "kind" to them. so, 95% of my wicked stories got canned, coz almost all the people i've been "kind" to read this blog. *or they say they do!* some don't. here're two of my ToM wicked stories!
i'd been at mica for a while, when they introduced the "creative program". these "creatives" lived off campus. *obviously, they cudn't share the esteemed land of shela with us superior mortals* but there was ONE who was offered a room on campus.
one fine nite, we *me and 5 other group-mates* were working in the comp lab on a presentation. i was to add the finishing touches on it. so i stayed back after the rest of my group had left. this creature from the creative batch, was working on something on a neighboring comp. now, if u knew me at MICA, u'd know i wasn't d friendliest person in my batch. unless we knew each other well. but the 'creative' didn't know that. so he asked me if i was good at english *he confessed he wasn't*. and asked me if i cud QC his artwork for him *his copywriter had gone away for the night.* i like QC'ing, coz it pertains to me correcting other people. so i agreed. we wrapped up and were going back to the hostels *he to his, and me to mine* when the by-then familiar sounds of peacocks mewing floated across the air. if u've heard a peacock mew, u'd know that it WUD sound scary to a newcomer at 4 in the morning in the middle of nowhere. i cud see d 'creative' was "concerned".

him: *looking around with a startled look* what was that? u heard?
me: yeah. keep walking and don't look behind.
him: what? why? what is that?
me: some chick committed suicide here after her boyfren spurned her. she roams around campus at nites. esp. at such unearthly hours. she is allegedly quite dangerous. just last week, she followed A. he managed to scathe by with a broken ankle. that's y all the lights in d rooms are off. and no1s outside right now. nobody warned u?
him: what?! NO! i don't know anyone here yet. my first day. how come u were out?
me: i'm a gurl. she's dangerous for boys! ONLY. u know hanuman chalisa?
him: HUH? no!! teach me!
me: no, i'm sleepy. it's ok. u just go to ur room. lock it. draw the curtain. keep the lights off. and DON'T open if anyone knocks. ok?
of course, i went back and knocked on his door after 5 mins. he found me the next morng to say that someone HAD knocked on his door. and he was thinking of shifting off campus with the rest of 'em folks.

*p.s.: i told him later that i'd made up d story and they were peacocks, not a spirit. we went ahead and became good frenz. today, he happens to be a part of some of my fondest memories from MICA.*

was about a couple of months into my 3rd job. and my boss here was rather hen-pecked. i was sitting at my boss's desk while he was away for a reliance meeting with S. they weren't expected back that day, coz the Rel offc happens to be outside the city, for all practical purposes! i was sifting thru his mails *HE'd told me to!* and trying to locate the one he'd apparently sent to me a couple of days ago. i hadn't received it. hence, the effort. but then, his land-line buzzed... and me, being me HAD to answer it! and it was this woman who snapped at me with a "who is that!?" now, i don't take politely to rude callers. all d worse, if they're women trying to give me attitude. so i sed "u called. i u are?"
*notice how she completely ignored my question?!*
she: is HE there?
me: *being VERY nice.* he's out, but i'd be able to take a message for him?
she: *snootily* no, thanks. i wanted to speak to him. when'll he be back?
me: u could try his cell, but i doubt he'll answer. he's with S, and they're out for the day. he shud be back here tomorrow, i guess.
she: HUH? WHAT? i'll try his cell. thanks!
turned out that was his wife. and he had a lot of explanations to give at home for MY answer!
p.s.: he was only at the reliance meeting. they weren't upto anything. i knew that. she, apparently, didn't!

there're many more:: like me having set a format in which V has to send me a detailed document if he needs to work over weekends. *i never check this doc, but it's fun to know he really makes it!* then there's giving suruchi's hubby incorrect info on how to use a conditioner - she was a partner in this crime! *i tried this later with V also. it worked!*, getting confidential info out of clients by telling them that the "other circle heads" gave it to me, troubling Mr. Teddy as i'd recounted here, harassing people who joined hungama and had to work with me, wearing a single anklet and spooking out a colleague who thought there was "something" following us coz of the tinkling sound of the anklet-bells... lots of wicked occasions! but since these two were top-of-mind... i'll leave u with them. enjoy! and do pick this tag and tell me that fuzz and i are not the only two wicked ones! oh yeah, if any of u who read this can think of any more of my wickedness... pls leave that story as a comment. i promise, i'll publish it if it's true.


Noodlehead said...

lol!!! i loved the first was really funny :) i'm trying to think of something wicked that i did, but i cant :( i'll come back and leave a comment if i can think of anything.

Thinking aloud said...

oooh!! wicked!!! i loved the wife episode...

u still wondering why Santa's not visiting u...?

hey thanks for asking after me... i've a left a long sob scrap for you...i hope to write one soooooon...

La vida Loca said...

v v wicked!

rayshma said...

thx noodlez! am sure u'll come up with enuf dough to do a post on it! :D

TA: yeah, i still wonder! hehe... repld to ur scrap.. and heyy, i shall send u a "i-envy-u" scrap soon! :D

loca: and how wicked have u been...?! :)

Anand Sarolkar said...


u r truly wicked :)

Preethi said...

uhoh.. and there you go.. no santa this year!!!
wicked wicked!!!!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hmm..very nice one from reality bites !!! the three were nice..good one

Pixie said...

Brilliant! The first was the very best...! :-)

Lavs said...

I loved this post. My college campus also had peacocks ..hence I can totally identify with how that young man must have felt on hearing its cry for the first time. Wicked you!

We have something in common...both of us are sucker for tags...Am gonna link you up at my space.

Suruchi said...

babes!now i know the prob with S...he wants to hire and dsnt know how!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA...will mail u the details :) ...and u forgot all the wicked things u/we did to M (times),Oz ,R (Hungama tech),DA and to Ashu (he was near to walk out of the theatre when we were watching Lucky and HDKG with him)!!

rayshma said...

suruchi: oh damn!! i'd forgotten abt the R incident.. HAHAHA!!! did i tell u i bumped into him this time when i'd gone to offc? and he was AS wary of me as he was then. he only asked me "ok?" HAHAHAHA!!! :D bugger that he iz! freaking ur husband doesn't count. he's like mine. freakable! who's DA? y'm i forgetting? Oz just seemed rude to put down here.. no? and i have a feeling M reads this.. got an anon comment a while back which seemed scarily like him! so left that out...but yeah, d R story rocked! hehe..!

lavs: good to see u here! :) yeah, i love tags! :D i think i'm gonna link to u too.. otherwise, i go to fuzzy's and then to ur space! :D

pix: thanks! so u taking this tag up?

comps: thanks a lot! :)

preethi: yeah, am blaming fuzzy for santa having disowned me this year!

anand: u still had doubts! :D

Fuzzylogic said...

Areey..why is the poor me being blamed for the Santa disownment?:(:( Think of all the good memories I refreshed:):)
Even incase Santa disowns you and me Raysh let's throw ourselves a party and exchange gifts:)

rayshma said...

i like d idea! :D but u come down for the party... as it is, it's snow-clogged there!
and yeah... u brought back purrfectly wicked memories! :)