Dec 5, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4...

flicked d tag of four off pixie's. basically, coz i am a sucker for tags.

four women i admire:

*i'm not saying my mom. i shall keep immediate family out of this blog!*
- vibha
- suruchi
- minal
- my cousin bro's wife, aparna.

four favourite foods:
- Indian non-veg. *this category has a LOT of my faves, so can't shortlist.*
- Butter Paneer
- Pasta in Vodka Sauce.
- cheesecake / moong daal halva. *it's a tie!! the latter is not available here, so i try not to think of it.*

four jobs i've had:
- client servicing exec: equus red cell
- biz dev: c2w/mobile2win
- consultant: oman mobile/du
- a/c head: hungama

four tv shows i like:
- everybody loves raymond
- that 70's show
- bones
- tom & jerry

four favourite drinks:

- Coffee
- Water
- Vodka with Sprite
- Hot chocolate

four fondest memories:
- the last year at MICA. everyone and everything that encompassed it.
- dancing to 'maahiya' post mid-night with poo. after a tiring day at work. and when we knew the next day would be worse. just coz we felt like.
- coming home from school to my doggies & cat.
- april 2004. minal's place. was JUST the thing i needed at the time.

four unforgettable days:
- when i got thru to MICA. had wanted that for over 2 years.
- the day minal & i jumped over the gate @ MICA to avoid facing thakur ji after a forbidden night-out at the disc!
- d day i agreed to marry vin.
- when i landed in the US for the first time. *i kinda thought that vin would've changed his mind and wudn't come to pick me. so was confused to see him*

four things i should work on:
- need to be more tolerant. esp towards d intellectually challenged.
- shud prolly stop sounding so opinionated.
- getting my drivers' license.
- learn to live in d real world vis-a-vis d virtual.

pick this up if u wish...


Preethi said...

nice read.... and pasta in vodka sauce really??!!

Pixie said...

Nice... :-)

I added the 4 TV shows I Like to my list too!

La vida Loca said...

Think I'll pick this one up

RR said...

need to be more tolerant. esp towards d intellectually challenged
hehehe...and they call me snooty!

Monsieur K said...

reminds me of the 'confession book' that we used to fill up in school. did u do tht? it sure was fun, at tht point in time. junta filling in answers to fav actor, actress, movie, food, color, best friend, love is..., friendship is..., fav teacher, address, phone no, etc... and then putting stickers or using sketch pens n some such stuff to decorate the book...and then exchange those confession books with ur friends, asking them to fill tp :D

Suruchi said...

this is a cool one! will pick this.

rayshma said...

ketan: yeah... we did that too... lol!!

loca: pls do! was good fun for me! :)

Orchid said...

go work on that license thing now!!
everything else looks good :)

rayshma said...

orch: yes yes!!! u're sounding like my mom and vin now! :D hehe... no, no... will get it before the year ends. at least the learners! ;)

rayshma said...

guys, i'd missed ur comments... guess blogger's playing with my mind now...

preethi: oh yeah... tastes absolutely delish!

pix: kewl!

rr: hehe... was that snooty? ;)

suruchi: pick up ANYthing u want from this blog. but plz to get back to writing. and mail me/login sometime. :(

Fuzzylogic said...

need to be more tolerant. esp towards d intellectually challenged LOL, Amen to that!
I love the 70's show and Tom and Jerry too. Cheesecake and moongdal ka halwa...yum yum!

TheKing said...

Is the title of the post 1,2,3,4.. and counting... related to the fact that you don't have the driver's license? I pity those innocent souls!!

Lol.. and a good post!

rayshma said...

king: u wait till i meet u. LOL! :D
btw, it's become imperative now that i get my license... :( me pity the poor souls too! hehe...

fuzz: i wanna eat moong daal halva now... :(