Dec 19, 2007 a decade...

am tagged again! thinking aloud thinks i'm being too wicked coz i'm quite vella... *she's right on that one!* and i ought to think a bit. so here i am! tagged to list the 10 things i wanna do in the next decade.

disclaimer: no, this is not a list of all the hypothetical stuff i keep wanting to do... like getting a pet tiger, professional figure skating *yeah, rite!*, becoming a professional wildlife photog and all d super fantastic things i wished i could've done. this is a list of the practical things i've actually wanted and are feasible to me at this point of time, age & size. it's taken me all day to shortlist these from the "i wannntttt..." list!

so, coming to the tag. in no particular order, i intend to...

:: get a tattoo. i've been a complete chicken on this one. i've wanted one since i was in junior college. ma sed i cud get one, but then i shud also get surrogate parents. not in those many words, but that was d moral of the story. i guess she was prolly scared that i'd end up living in with a hippie or dope-head or something!

:: get a dog/cat. this in d next 2 years. for sure. there's a 'slash' there, coz i still have to decide whether i'm gonna stick to wanting a pet cat and waiting for it to adopt me or i'd get a dog whom I would be adopting. names for both have been finalized already. *v's logic is that we already have a cat in me. so another one would be a repetition. so we shud get a dog for novelty.* more pros & cons in another post, some other day.

:: live in at least one other country. and travel. this is a rather long list. of dream destinations. places that i want to visit. too long for a "point"... maybe i'll do a post on it someday...

write. something that's a lot more meaningful than this blog.
something that'll hopefully let me earn some money while doing what i love... would've said 'write a book', but i'm no longer sure i have the talent for that...

learn at least 2 new forms of dance. and no, u're never too old for
this! i used to learn dancing as a kid. and then, decided that i was a good enuf dancer if i cud dance on stage to bollywood/pop/firang songs. now i also feel i shud've made time & gone for those salsa classes. but it's still not too late. and 2 is not too unattainable a target.

:: own & decorate our own house. with a separate study room. of course, this room would house the books, music and d laptop with internet connection. and, by default, me.

become a "parent". yeah, i know! we've not yet thought of this one. but since this is for the next 10 years... well, sure i'd want a kid by then! AND i can only hope to be a decent mother to him/her. gosh! even writing this here is getting me worried. there's SO much to consider before we get to this level...

figure out what i want to do - work-wise. and hopefully, get on with
it! even if this is "stay-at-home"... i just hope i'm SURE of it.

figure out HOW to respond nicely to genuine intellectual innocence. this is something i've been working on since 2000. hope i get to the level where i know how to ignore or respond politely to such individuals.

hopefully, maintain my opinion that even if i don't achieve any of the above, i am still happy. with my life. with V. with what we have. with what i do. with who i am. amen!

any of you reading this, who avoid planning like i do... do take this up. if nothing else, it'll help u put ur fears of planning to rest!


La vida Loca said...

nice. very nice. think i'll take this one up too

Thinking aloud said...

hey rayshma...

verrrrry nice, you've surpassed yourself... take me along we can squeal together...

v's rite abt te cat...was he referrring to a tigress;)

dancing - hey i finally went for the beginners salsa and felt good abt that :)If i can do that, u shd be able to do belly dancing too :)

travelling...babies(quads?)i hope you do them all...mebbe not quadruplets but yeah...

and u know what... i think you get going, girl...and that was a good wish made me feel so old :(

I really liked the fun way in which you wrote removed the seriousness of te exercise...

Galadriel said...

nicely done.. i agree with intellectual innocence. lemme know if you figure that out!

Pixie said...

Me too will be taking this one up!
But, we have such similar ambitions for the next decade!! ;-)
(except for the tattoo part!)

Anand Sarolkar said... really like tags..that's for sure...nicely done!

Prats said...

Looks like tagging brings out all the secrets from the closet....but you'v egot some really great plans up ahead...the tattoo sounds brilliant...I'd liek to tag along too...

DotMom said...

figure out HOW to respond nicely
to genuine intellectual innocence

this one takes the cake!!!! hope you do it all!

Preethi said...

very nice.. and hope you do it all.. i loved the thought abbout the tatoo.. and who knows I may join in too.. thats a thought!!!

rayshma said...

preethi: plz do! i also know WOT tattoo i want! hehe!

dotmom: :) thankee! :)

prats: welcome! and yeah, u're most welcome to join in on the tattoo-day!

anand: thanks! yeah, i quite love tags! i usually avoid thinking... and tags make me do just that!

pix: no tattoo?! u may be wise on that, actly! :D and plz pick this up. it's fun!

galadriel: sure... will mail u soon as i figure out!

suma: thx a ton! :) also::
a. i'm not gonna call u TA - reminds me of d MBA days! :D
b. awesome! now it's 4 of us in on this!
c. hehe... how's it that everyone who reads this blog always agrees with V?
d. arre, i HAD learnt belly dancing... forgotten it now, tho! :D
e. NO quads for me plz!!! i'll be mighty pleased if i manage ONE! if it's anything like me or V, i'm in for a tuff time! :D

loca: thanks! pls do :)

Suruchi said...

babies one does impress me much!