Dec 12, 2007

in sickness and in health...

i'm not a very sickly person. in fact, i don't fall ill often enough. not even as a child. i didn't fall ill too frequently... but whenever i did, it was usually something serious!

the last time i was unwell was....... okk... i don't remember d date. but i r'ber suruchi having picked me up from my PGs and taken me to her place! and i wasn't like really "unwell" that day. just high on cough syrup. i took quite a bit of it coz i thot i was "going to be" unwell. hehe. yeah, that was fun! more fun to see the intrigued look on her face. trying to figure out if i'm unwell, high or both! but i'm digressing...

i wasn't well the past few days. and for a change, it wasn't anything serious. THIS, i say now. u should've heard me two days back. i asked V if i would die. and what he'd do if i died. *he was wise wnuf to shut up on my questions* yeah, i'm very melodramatic, that ways. i think i'm going to die even if i get a headache. but then, i've never known what it's like to be normally unwell.

what i would LOVE to know is HOW this man manages to filter the melodrama from fact. coz honestly, i couldn't have managed alone yesterday. and that's when i realized how much i like being married. to him. that he was indeed the rite guy. coz only the right guy would come home early... much early from work when his wife, the drama queen, mails him saying "not feeling well. at all."

with my acting skills *as those of u who know me would nod in agreement* it's very difficult to ascertain when i'm feigning and when i'm serious. over mail, all the worse. but so far, in the one year six months that we've lived together, he has managed really well. wonder what gives me away every time!

and purely for my reference, at any future point in time, when i fall ill again. our conversation immediately after he came home and found me curled up on the couch.

me: i'm not well. at all.
v: what happened? *knowing fully well what had happened*
me: feeling queasy. head's throbbing real bad. feeling giddy when i stand up.
v: did u eat anything? *this coz i pestered him to disclose the location of the meds. i think he doesn't tell me coz he's scared i'll OD on them!*
me: don't feel like eating.
v: but u can't take any meds without food.
me: i can't eat. my head's hurting.
v: the food'll go in ur stomach. not ur head. *pause* unless, of course, ur digestive system's in ur head.

*longer pause. analysing d risk factor of pushing this NOW, when i'm not well enuf to kill him*

that wud also explain ur brains being in ur toes, wudn't it?
maybe that's y u don't like anyone touching ur head. who likes to be petted on their tummy!? hehehe...

yeah, he is d purrfect man for me!


RR said...

yeah, he is d purrfect man for me!
took you a year and six months and (almost feigned sickness) to figure that out? lol!

rayshma said...

arre hello? i WAS unwell! :P
and i knew it... just that such reassuring conversation opens my temporarily shut eyes sometimes! :D

La vida Loca said...

get well soon babez.

La vida Loca said...

get well soon babez.

Fuzzylogic said...

First of all a big hug to you to get well soon!Pst..pst..cheese cakes and donuts are being secretly delivered to you to hasten the recovery:)Take care Raysh.

Preethi said...

Haha... I do this drama once a week atleast to make DH cook.. but then after 5 years he knows better and I know better.. so we end up having Pizza!! Nothing like it to drive the queasy bugs away !! :P Feel better!!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Firstly,you are damn lucky to have an understanding hubby.Touch Wood.Melodrama honestly puts off men !And he does it with love with love and not as duty..Again touch wood..
Finally,its good you realise the melodrama you create,because most people dont realise that and create a mess.Again,touch wood


Pixie said...

hope you are feeling better now :-)
*Big hugs*
You know - I did nod along when you spoke about your "acting skills"!!! Hehe...

Will be posting today... (i think). Lot of work :(

Anand Sarolkar said...

I wish V someday starts writing a blog..he will have loads of (melodramatic)stories ;)

Take care gal...

Noodlehead said...

get well soon!! and lol, he sure seesm to be the right man or you!!

Mahogany said...

Milk it, I say. Get all the TLC you can especially since you don't often fall ill anyway.

rayshma said...

mahog: :) absolutely... opportunist that i am!

noodlez: thanks! yeah, he's d right measure of mean, eh!?

anand: trust me, he won't blog! ;)

pix: stop nodding, okay! :P hehe... is it just work that's keeping u busy... i wonder...;) how's d hubby?! what'd he get for thee... tell tell!

comps: thx! and yeah, i agree with d touchwood! :D

preethi: i'm blessed that wez! this man loves cooking. :) and cooks well too! usually, over weekends :)

fuzz: hurry 'em up, will ya? muah! :)

loca: thankee thankee...:)

सर्किट said...

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TheKing said...

Wot symptoms are these?

And before you plan any serious action on my laziness, I promise, the next post is coming soon..

Fuzzylogic said...

Tagged!and I have a feeling you will like this one:)

Orchid said...

u alright?? or just pretending to be sick s u can torture pure V some more...I think you are quite capable of that :)

rayshma said...

orch: hehe... no no, WAS unwell.. am fine & kickin' now tho! :D
u gurls trust me SO much! :D

fuzz: i LOVE it! but it's a bit tuff... will get on it soon...

M: every time i see ur comment, i feel like saying "return of the king" hehehe!! y can't these be symptoms!? u men! :P and no, i'm not dying... how concerned u are! :P
how soon is soon, eh?

circuit: thanks! :)