Nov 21, 2006

nostalgia. shela-style!

there're some moments which redefine your life. which change you. forever.
when i think of MICA, i can never forget:

- the first shock on knowing that i would live in a place called "champa"
- the initial disgust of sharing a bathroom with strangers
- marketing strategies being discussed in bengali. *was presumed, that i, being the only non-bong member in the group would learn bengali to understand what's happening around me!*

- partying till the wee hours of the morning in a wannabe disc at ahmedabad. getting back at 6 in the morng and jumping over the gate to get in. because we were scared of thakurjii reprimanding us!
- those long, really long walks. at all hours. in shela-land! seems a completely different world now.
- those heart-to-heart chats in the fields near mica. *owe u one for those, minal! always will*

- having stones thrown at my door because someone i knew made d mistake of calling me on the landline!

- sticking post-its on ur neighbour's door to ask her to ping u on MSN/IP when she's back from a shower! also messaging her on MSN to do the same.
- the absolute embarrassment of bumping into your other neighbour's boyfriend while coming out of the bathroom in a towel at 4.30 a.m.!!
- having b'day party decor done in my room for my closest frens b'day. worrying that it won't be done before she walks in!
- cooking chicken past mid-night *i didn't cook, i was there for moral support. and the experience*

- mornings, afternoons... DAYS spent at the chhota. doing nothing. discussing everything. reaching NO conclusion. loving it.
- sitting on the ledge @ chandni.. listening to music. looking at the rain...
- wondering what life had in store for me. and my friends.

- evenings spent playing hangaroo :)
- simultaneous contrasting notes of 'piya basanti', 'do lafzon ki', 'metallica', 'bon jovi', KK, elton john...
- the clear sky. those amazing steps of champa. the bridge over the so-called canal!
- lighting a bonfire on the terrace and staying up all night to catch an early morning flight home. discussing life and everything else under the clear sky...

there's SO much that can't be put into words. the time and space, the confusion, the happiness, the innocence, the confidence, the life that made up those two years. it is unparalleled. and will remain so. always.

to all of you who made those years memorable, *can't take names, it'll fill up the blog!* i don't have words to say what you mean to me. keep the faith! i'm still the same mad gurl!


Ipshita Chowdhury said...

hey gurl!

u sure made me nostalgic :-)!
would always cherish our marketing group 4 memories!!!! lol!! poor u and anna!! remember what gyan did on our very first presentation?!! hahah! and how i made him sit outside my room for turning up late!! oh! those were some days...memories remain..

Minal said...

Had promised to myself that would disconnect myself completely from the online world which also inludes all blogs and snooping around on orkut as well but ...was missing you too much this morning and the moment I logged in ..this is the post that I get to read.
There are so many memories/incidents/moments that I had thought I had forgotton and so many that I would want to add to this list.
Miss the dancing on the roads at 2 in the morning.. being escorted by the cops back to the campus ...the aam ras, coco choco (what was that called?)..the rain, the dance, the madness, the passion, the life... and you!
Is turning out to be too long for a comment. Would mail you :)

Minal said... add to the cooking you remember the cake that we baked? Went to borrow the oven from Tandon :)

svety said...

thank u very much all of u for completely ruining my i'm just gonna be thinking about MICA...u r right reshma it was a different world..but what a world.....

rayshma said...

btw, hope u don't mind me calling u ic!! u'll always remain that to me! :))
were we the maddest group that cud've been or wot!? gyaan, anna, me!! gosh!! hahaha... but i owe it to u guys! i cud follow & speak bong for quite some time after i left mica!

rayshma said...

wot do i say, babes! there's SO much more than wot i've written! so much that i didn't hv words to write... btw, that was cold coco! lol!!! and the cold coffee outside masti... with the dogs at our heels! lol!
DO mail me! :)
was it doggie's b'day u wanted to bake d cake for?

rayshma said...

heyy svety,
was really, really missing that world! that time... that space and minal! lol!! since she wasn't online, i had to blog it!
sorry if i ruined ur day... glad that i brought back memories. :)

svety said...

but then do memories ever go away...?

rayshma said...

@ svety - no, they don't... we just fold them up & put them in a corner of our minds... and get busy with collecting more of them!

Rahul said...

that "canal" now has water. so it is for real now.

DotMom said...

what a lovely, lovely post.. never been to MICA.. but it came so alive here.. now you have made me nostalgic.