Oct 30, 2006

d times - they're a changing!

sunday - woke up late. had a leisurely b'fast. played boggle, hangaroo... sunday was going the way a perfect weekend shud!
thought of calling home. checked the time. was still only 12.30! hmm... should be around 23.00 at home. okay time to call. called up.. and scared the in-laws! they wondered why i was calling them at mid-nite! mid-nite? must be some confusion. maybe they slept early... never mind.

around evening, i switched on the tube to watch 'the war at home' *which, for inexplicable reasons, i've started liking*. only to find 'the simpsons' starting off. huh? since when did they shift the timings??

went out to shop a bit. and y is the store closing down? there's an hour more till closing time.

that, is when reality struck!

the times have changed! while i slept in bliss, some unseen, unheard of devil went out & changed all the clocks of the world & forgot all about me! so here i am, in this strange land, where everybody has rewound their watches by an hour to live happily in sync with the rest of the world. while i still struggle to figure out "have the times changed?"

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Anonymous said...

The thought is poignant and so very beautifully put.

remember me ?? Svety...

have switched to beta mode for my blog so cannot post a comment on a non beta blog. So am doing it the anon way.

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