Nov 6, 2006

boggle the world!

FYI - boggle is the interactive online game where u make as many 3 or more letter words from a 16 letter grid in 3 mins! larger the word, higher your score.

in the recent past - the few days that i wasn't blogging - there were rumours of me being addicted! to boggle.

of course, these were just rumours! but well, this is MY blog, so obviously, this is MY perspective! now, c'mon! only because i freak out when the laptop/internet does not function doesn't mean i'm addicted! that's a basic expectation from a developed country! i wouldn't freak out if i were back home!! i don't expect the net to work there! but here, on broadband, if i can't play boggle! WELL!!!

and why is it that i'm supposed to be addicted?

only because i feel depressed, helpless & anxious when the boggle site won't upload, doesn't mean i'm addicted.
only because i've started timing everything in units of 3 mins doesn't mean i'm addicted.
only because i know all the bit-words that can be made from my & hubby's name *umm.. .well.. also from the names of most of my friends!* doesn't mean i'm addicted!
only because i take 3 min breaks from work, play a game & then carry on, doesn't mean i'm addicted!
only because i clap my hands & smile to myself when i see my name on the top 3 *also shoot an e-mail to hubby so he can do the same* does NOT mean i'm addicted.
only because i think boggle's the best thing that happened to me since being married does NOT mean I'M addicted!
only because i forget to drink up the coffee that i've heated up for the 3rd time DOES NOT mean i'm addicted!!!

and no, i AM NOT in denial mode!!!
no, i'm not addicted. i'm just in boggle phase!

and yeah, i AM at num 1 rite now :))

disclaimer: nobody at parker brothers paid me for this. i wish they did, tho...! the game belongs to them. i'm just a fan. a big one!


svety said...

how do u play this?
and where do u get it?

rayshma said...

heyy svety,
here's the link:
don't blame me if u get addicted..:0)

i came across it via my 6 yr old niece!!