Nov 13, 2006

hello, sunshine!

i always thought i was a huge loser! i was the only girl i knew, who had never been given flowers by anybody. not a friend, not a best friend, not a boyfriend. not even a colleague or a client. the guy i agreed to marry didn't even buy me flowers when he proposed to me! and i still said yes! i mean, what kind of a loser was i?

but all that changed. yesterday.

it was a normal day. my first surprise came when hubby decided to go & get the laundry done. by himself. WOW! i thought, is the house really so dirty that he's agreed to get out on his own? or is there some hot chick at d laundromat? but i dismissed the latter thought. u would too, if u knew my husband! i mean, the guy would probably be staring at the raven outside the laundromat & thinking of his research articles while a hot blonde would be walking past! confession - i don't know ANY other man like this. that's one reason y i married him...;) but, i'm digressing!
so we were at the point where he went to the laundromat. he ALSO agreed to do the grocery by himself. wow 2! *this is something he NEEDS his wife to be there for*

so i was home, surfing, watching t.v... getting the dinner ready as well, waiting for him to get back & the doorbell rang.

i opened the door to see my very own husband standing with a wide grin on his face & the prettiest bunch of yellow lilies!! :)
now, it may not be a big thing for u to get flowers from ur own hubby. but consider getting flowers from a husband who doesn't understand the concept of giving flowers?! i mean, c'mon, remember, nobody had EVER given me flowers?

i don't know why he got me the flowers. could it be because we scored our so-far highest on boggle today? could it be coz i kept dinner ready? *no, bozo! how could he know that?* could it be because...

heck! doesn't matter! all that matters is he got them for me. that those beautiful sunshine flowers are smiling at me today... and making me feel bright & happy! happier because they're here with NO reason. other than to make me smile!

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