Nov 29, 2006

ho ho ho!!!

the other day we were dining out, and i saw a man who fit my image of santa claus to the T. except that he wasn't dressed in red & white or fur *this is texas, after all!* but were he to don santa's outfit, he'd be THE man! replace his harley with a sleigh, however! and then, it suddenly occurred to me. it's that time of the year again!

the time to take stock. have i been good? or not-so-good? will my good override my not-so-good? *i don't like to say BAD* the time to get rewarded. by none other than santa claus himself! the jolly ol' man dressed in red & white, riding over treetops in a sleigh, with rudolph galloping *does he think he's a horse??*.
i still wonder HOW santa manages to fit into the chimneys? they look awfully narrow for someone his girth! maybe, he sends one of his elves down with the gifts? hmm... possible. no wonder nobody ever spots them! i've always wanted to catch santa red-handed. WHILE he's leaving the gift behind. but i've never been able to. maybe this year!

everybody says that santa doesn't exist. i don't care. i LOVE him. i have, since i was a kid. maybe that's why the commercialisation of santa really bothers me. did you know that now it's possible to get santa to MAIL you? no, not e-mail - letter. all you need is a credit card! if you have two kids & want two letters, you'll also get a discount! he would mention your pet's name, personal details et al! he would also mail you your most-wanted x'mas present with this letter. phew! i'd have thought santa was getting lazier! or maybe rudolph is! whatever happened to "wake-up-in-the-morng, find-ur-gift?" wasn't that more fun?

and i guess that's how it'll always remain for me. being good *at least as x'mas nears!*, charting up a list of what i want for x'mas. and hoping that i live up to santa's perception of "good". otherwise, i just go out & buy my most wanted present for myself, anyways! i could always attribute it to depression, caused by santa ignoring me! ho, ho, ho!

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