Jul 29, 2009

Galadriel ke Mann Ki Baat

... jusssst like Rakhi ke Mann Ki Baat.

since amey suggested that UGC could be YOU users actually writing posts here... I took it quite seriously... and of course, made puppy faces and asked Galadriel - of the phamous galadriel porn blog to do me a guest post. NO, this is not a porn guest post. That, is restricted to HER space.
here, she writes this:

So she successfully bullied me again and made me write a guest post for her. Now I am not as hardworking as her other victim. I am not going to dig up her old posts (I haven’t read all of them, but don’t tell her, she’s already out to slit my throat) or send her much appreciated gifts. All I’m going to do is what I can do is write something heartfelt and hope she doesn’t knock the crap out of me for being all senti. (Or get the crap knocked out of her by all the other people she didn’t ask to do a guest post! *smirk smirk*)

The first time I became aware of her existence was when she commented on my post. And I think I have Alice to thank for that. Continuously commenting on each other’s blogs, pulling each others’ legs all the time and basically just having fun – this was how our friendship (fraandsheep?) began to grow. When I do a search in my gmail for her, it returns countless results. The first page reads “1-20 of thousands”! We have come to the point where we cannot go one day without mailing each other.

I have seen her transform. One minute she is an 8 year old, laughing at people’s funny accents and the next minute she is a strong wise old lady, giving me sound advice. It makes it so much easier to bounce ideas off of her because she won’t ridicule you. Most likely, she’s already been through a very similar situation and has reacted exactly like you. I have finally begun to understand the meaning of mental connection and how it transcends all physicality.

One of the things I love most about her is her complete lack of pretense. She hates it if anyone calls her beautiful. Like me, she has no illusions about her looks. She knows exactly how attractive she is or isn’t and is one of the few people who are completely satisfied and comfortable in their body. That itself adds oodles of charm to her persona.

I have really only known her for the last year and a few months. And yet I feel like we have known each other for years. So much, that she is the first person in the United States whom I visited and stayed over with. I haven’t even visited my family, which lives on the West Coast. And yet, I have not felt the need to go knocking on her door every so often, like I see so many “BFFs” do all the time. I am perfectly happy seeing her probably once a year, maybe less, hopefully more, now that she’s moving (yayy!).

Currently, of course, we’re totally digging Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Our chat conversations read like dialogues from the show. We’re waiting with bated breathe to see if she really does marry Eeles *gujju* Parujanwala or the slimy weenie from Deeelie. Makes for very interesting topics for discussions.

But since I don’t know how to end this post, I will leave you with this amaazing clip of our heroine trying her hand at being.. er… human! And oh yeah.. I lauwe you Raysh!!!!


i lauve you too, G! you're going to be the firsstt fraynd to visit me when i move! it's making me actually look forward to moving! :)


Keshi said...

Thats really something lovely to look forward to WOW! :)

Hv fun and keep that flame of friendship going forever!


Prashanti :) said...

Awwwww, I am going alll senti at this freeenship :)

DewdropDream said...

And don't forget the sambhar this time :D

Kippie® said...

A lovely lovely read...
*knock on wood*

SEV said...

May daaarlinnng I lauve you so musch!

I mean G, coz G wrote this post. No wait, this is Rayshma's blog.

This is messed up.

Galadriel said...

@SEV: Buddy, the ring is nearly off my finger right now. :D

rayshma said...

@ all: thanks gurls. touch wood! :)

SEV: mai gaawwdd... you are comeynting here! you are the grayjuate! i am SO impreysed to see someone so learned here! and G is really, bai gawd, vary lucky!

G: pliss being replying to everybody else, ok? you DID write the post after all!

Galadriel said...

Hokay! Since meydem isn't going to leave me alone (apparently it's not enough that I wrote a post, I have to reply to all her comments also now. Why don't you just bestow this blog upon me?!) I will now be taking over comment-replies!
@Keshi: I am looking forward to it as much as she is! And I do hope we stay this way for a long time. :)
@Prashanti: Heehee, at least someone is! :)
@Dewey: And when are YOU coming meydem?
@Kippie: Thanks, I loved writing it - didn't take any time at all. :)
@Galadriel: Am I allowed to reply to my own comments? How does this work now? I'm confused.

rayshma said...

i would bestow this blog upon you... but then, given how often you post there... this space would well be dead!
also, you'd convert this to a PG-13 space. we no does that. :P

and keep that ring on.

PURN!MA said...

awww! this is such an "awww" post. I laaved it... the post, ur fraandship..everything!


Ersa said...

aww....sooo nice...happy for both of you!!!

Galadriel said...

I'm beginning to think this is a mishtik. People seem to think we're married or something!

Pavi!!!! said...

lol @ G's last comment :D

let me join the AWWWWWW...n seriously touchwood!

mabbe i'll be smart enuf to find out Ray Ray's new addr n when G is planning to drop in n be the kabaab mein haddi? wat will u two do then huh?? ..muhahahaah!

rayshma said...

pavi: we were actually thinking of surprising you! :D
but you know what... will be DAMN kewl if you can come over!! seriously. i'll anyway give you my address soon as i get it! :D

G: tumne mujhe... publickly mishtik kehkar... meri fillings ko bohot hurrt kiya hai. i is so hurrt... meri toh breathe hi nahi aa rahi.

ersa: thx, gurl! :)

purnima: tu majhya mom chya bag madhye lapun yetes ka?

DewdropDream said...

Purnima te brown bag madhye yenar aahe ka? :D

Galadriel said...

@Purnima: Tu kakuchya bag madhye lapun nako yeus, flight var tula khau ghatla nahi tar kya karshil?!
@Ersa: err... i'm glad you're happy, but we are just GOOD FRIENDS.. humare beech main aisa kuch nahi hai! :D :D
@Pavi: You should totally come over - hum tumko address khud hi dete hain, you don't have to guess and all and trouble yourself. :D

rayshma said...

G: you have a valid point. what IF she finishes up all the khau that will come for me and vin?!

dewey: child... purnima poodle thode hi hai jo mom ke handbag mein fit hogi! and btw, it's MUSTARD (like bustaarrrddd)... not BROWN! :P

DewdropDream said...

Like I said, you take up a thought and I carry it further :D I don't care if it's mustard or whatever! BAg accha hai, meri nazar hai uspe. BAS!!! :D

G: I will plan and tell you :D We will go to gay bars and all no? And do budday partying?

Pavi!!!! said...

U gurls being so nice n offering to have me over n all…but it took away some element of fun  In my mind I was visualizing the scene of how I would baton baton mein get ray ray to mail me her addr n when G was planning on stopping over..….n then do the 2-hr drive all-alone for the 1st time in my life n land up at her door..n when u girls refuse to let me in…n mabbe pretend to not hear me..I would offer to cook sambhar (which BTW all of the neighbourhood loves!) or even better..kadambam ! (Ray Ray..u can ask G wat kadambam is, If u donno) – w/o dhaniya..MIND YOU!..n then how can u gurls resist letting me in?!

There goes my dream..down the drain! :(

rayshma said...

pavi: aww... mujhe tumhare fillings ko hurrt nahi karna tha bilkul bhi.

you can still do all of that! we'll pretend to not hear you also.
and HOW do u know what my future neighborhood likes??? eh???

i do have no clue what kadambam is. but whatever... u'll get groceries/raw material reqd for making all of that also, no? i'm not sure i'd have unpacked by the time that girl comes over! :D

if you wish - you can plot and plan with G and surprise me.
ab bhi waqt hai. ;)

SEV said...

G cannot make this space PG-13, more likely it will become XXX-rated.. remember G consistently ensures she is high on porn search rankings.

Galadriel said...

@SEV: Do you really have nothing else to do? What about that thing you're doing.. what's it called.. erm.. YOUR PHD?!!!! Go do work and stop stalking our blogs!!

Miss M said...



rayshma said...

@ sev: well, so did rakhi. but now she's TRP appropriate na?

G: in the quest for his PhD, he's forgotten that he has a life.. but he's now focused on improving yours. learn to be grateful woman! ;)

M: yeah, touchwood! :)

DewdropDream said...

Ah the sweetness of domestic bliss :D

Suruchi said...

Bitch! i read that you are not going to see LAK!! how can u not...how and with who will i ever see all those hindi movies...kaha gaye tumhare wo kasme vaade...??!how will i ever see KI without you!! comeone be a sport...u can't dump me like this...! BTW luck ka heart right side wala funda correct hai.

Galadriel said...

@Miss M: *knocking on my own head* hell, yeah!
@Suruchi: I sincerely hope you're referring to Rayshma here, because I do not remember making hindi movie promises to you (or, for that matter being referred to as 'bitch')!! :P

rayshma said...

G: yes, suruchi's comment is for ME. NOT for you. just like SEVs louve proclamation was for you?

dewey's comment, on the other hand, was for YOU. usko kaun reply karega!?

suruchi: i promise i'll see whatever you want me to see. but WITH you. i can't tolerate that dumb woman. neither do i like that wannabe rock-star! yes, i may not see LAK. but where did you read that? luck i'll see with you. KI also i'll see with you. heck, i'll even watch shortkut with you. happy?! i lauves you!! :)

dewey: G is ignoring you. are you okay with that?

Pavi!!!! said...

@Ray-Ray: MY neighborhood SILLY!
anywez coz ur not goona be too far away...mabbe ur neigbourhood too ..yayeeeee!

aha..someone is throwing hints abt surprises n all :D..

okay.. G n I will plan surprise for u....meanwhile, me looooves surprises too..so u n G plan one for me okay.

G: u gotta a lot of surprising to do! mail us girl!

DewdropDream said...

G: I demand you pay for a dentist now because you have hurt my fillings by not replying.

Catty: Abhi dentist maanga na.

rayshma said...

bhakaai ka zamaana raha HI nahi hai bilkul!
dewey: u want dentist? G isko blodnie bhej dete hain yahan se. dimaag ka dahi banega tab pata chalega!
and i apologise. i will NEVER side with this child again! :D

DewdropDream said...

Eh hullo!!! ek toh comment maaro toh log reply nahi karte, upar se daant bhi padti hai!! Sacchi bhalai ka zamana nahi raha. Sob sob sob :P

rayshma said...

hehehee! :D

haan, i have no clue why she doesn't reply to ur comments! :D
par tum humaari fillings ka mazaak kaayko udaata?
dude.. i need to snap out of this before evng today! :D

Galadriel said...

@dewey: total wtf-ness happening ok? this bitch doesn't approve comments on time and by the time i see there's like 10 comments bitching about me!!

rayshma said...

G: sharrup bitch!
you need to learn to wait till i wake up and moderate comments no?
and you didn't reply to her previous comment also. you DID reply to comments made after she'd tippanie'd!

pavi: as of now, G is very surprised herself! :D

DewdropDream said...

Hee hee! Rehne do, that was a random comment aimed at no-one in particular :D Mereko thoda publicity mila na lekin :P

PURN!MA said...

hein? mala US la pack karaycha plan kartay tumhi?? how nice. and I laaave the mustard colour. so yes, me coming with ur mom in the mustard colored bag. :D

@ Galadriel, I'll tell kaku to smuggle khaana for me in the bag. me marin naa nahi tar w/o food!!

rayshma said...

purnima: handbag mhanje PURSE aahe mustard color chi.
HOW do u intend to fit into that, pray tell me :D

Amey said...

Forgot yesterday, happy fraanship day! Didn't know you would take my comment so seriously.

BTW, ghadi karun basel na bag madhe jyala konala basavayache ahe to/ti.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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rayshma said...

first anon - i have NO clue what you've commented.

anon 2: THIS helped with your college assignment? WHO is this? and really... i'd like to read ur assignment.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

Anonymous said...

I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are really great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend. :)