Jul 22, 2009

socially networked

i'd never really taken to social networking.
long back, when i worked in b'bay, an acquaintance had asked me why i didn't have an orkut/FB account. and i'd said "who has the time! besides, i'm in touch with those i want to be in touch with."
partial truth, that.

i definitely didn't have the time. and i was in touch with most of the people i wanted to be in touch with.
some people... i'd lost touch with. for no particular reasons. definitely not because i didn't want to be in touch with them. but sometimes, life happens. and you tend to oversee people who were/are important to you. people you have some really awesome memories with. people who would make you fight. sometimes for them.... sometimes with them! but people you can't really be mad at for long.

when i got to the US, i registered on orkut just to see what the hype was all about. now i had the time... and my friends were across the seas. this seemed like a good way to stay in touch. i started an FB account... then deleted it coz i didn't see the point of it... then, last year, when i went to london, i got back onto FB... played games, took silly quizzes... again, wasting time.
but it wasn't until now that i truly realized how "nice" it could feel.

i got in touch with a couple of really really good friends that i'd lost touch with years and years ago! friends that i'd tried to find earlier... but somehow hadn't managed.
and now, thanks to FB, i've re-connected with them. it's a lot of catching up to do. we all have changed quite a bit over the years. but we're still the same people. it's amazing how and what the mind remembers. silly details... random trivia. but well, i'm happy. to have met them. to have taken the time out to be on a social networking site. and to have finally realized what the hype is all about. for me, now, it seems totally worth it!


Ersa said...

i'm still at the stage where i don't see the point...as you have mentioned, i feel that i'm in touch with all those i wanna be in touch with...so don't really see why i shud join those sites...yet!
joined fb few months ago, but don't use it much..

Galadriel said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand to maaro vishesh tippani on my albums and wall posts!!!

Anonymous said...



Pavi!!!! said...

ya..as long as one is having fun, meeting long lost friends, gettin updates on close friends thru their status updates(few ppl have teh time to mail u abt every small update in their life u know?!), stayin DE-addicted... social networking sites are totaliiiiiie worth it!

Prashanti :) said...

I am hooked to orkut !! I tried deleting my profile once , but your profile still remains till 24 hours and I missed it so much that I restored it. Cant get myself to use FB though !

La vida Loca said...


Pixie said...

oh yes! :)
totally agree... :)
Still getting the hang of FB though!

PURN!MA said...

ya. i dint even know what orkut/fb was. i ventured into Orkut first because my fnd had sent me a request and went on to be an addict. I deleted that account and got hooked onto fb.

Basically, I rejoined orkut to stay in touch with fnds...rather find them in place when I need them. :)

ummm... CURRENTLY, i log in to orkut to see happy smiling engagement snaps of mah fraands and to comment on them "congrats", "looking sweet/ nice/ beautiful.... so on n so forth!