May 20, 2009

i've got "royal" mail... :)

r'ber how ecstatic i get on receiving surprise gifts in my mail? well, click here if u're really interested!

so, today...there was a surprise in my mailbox. there was a key. not to a corvette or a house... but to the bigger mailbox, which holds "packages". dewey had been rather persistently asking me if i'd checked my POST - since monday. so, obviously... i knew she'd sent me something! and i've been eagerly anticipating this "post" since then.

i reached into the mailbox and picked out this large red flashy box with "royal mail" stamped on it. dunno about you, but i have never got "royal mail" before! heck, i barely ever get ANYthing addressed to me other than flying miles statements!

so i rushed back home with th
e huge box, cut it open... and dropped all the straw on the carpet *yeah, i know*... and out came this gorge box..
at first glance, i thought the mad child had sent me ice cream!!! it sure looked like a yum ice cream tub with the awesomest li'l kitties on it... and she HAS been talking of sending me cheesecake... the box also had a sticker which said "NOT a TOY"; i quickly removed the sticker and trashed it along with the straw.

once i'd done that, i
opened it, rather carefully wondering if this was ice-cream or cheesecake or jewelery...

and out came a kitty mug with a delightfu
l red tassel!! and it's filled with cookies! :D i HAVE promised to save at least one cookie for vin... as per her instructions. but we shall see.

and now, while the bitch watches wolverine, i sit here alone and miss her! how i'd have LOVED it if she'd hand-delivered this!
i solemnly swear that i will not ever let anyone else even touch this mug! other than you - when u come over! do make that soon.
now let me go clean the carpet and drink coffee in my new mug! ^_^


Ersa said...

wow that's so sweet...enjoy your coffee :-)

La vida Loca said...

How come no one sends me cookies or chocolates :(
No one loves me :(

DewdropDream said...

:D Finally!!!!! You know I had originally intended to not ask at all and simply delight in your surprise when it arrived, but then I got paranoid thinking it might not be delivered or might get lost or something... so I had to keep hounding you :D I wish too that I could have delivered it personally... but hey, hope floats! :D

Umm.. given you polished off cookies meant for Vin and Vin ONLY I think you ought to let him use the mug sometimes ;)

I really really really really miss you. Take care now, LOADS of love :) Muah

lafemmereva said...

:) this is what i call reverse psychology!!! poor dewdrop had to go thru the trauma of not knowing if u wud get ur gift!! :D

Prashanti :) said...

awww this is so sweet of dewdrop !!!!!!

I soo rem the kites post and ur MIl's reaction !!! :) :)

Enjoy the mug and the cookies :)

Galadriel said...

awww.. i also waaaannnnnttttt.

Pixie said...

wow.. how sweet :)

So, did you save even 1 cookie for Vin?!! :D

karmickids said...


Pinku said...

beautiful mug and sentiments to match the same. :)


Mystic Margarita said...

That's so sweet! :) Hope you enjoyed the cookies - and i echo Pixie - did you leave some for Vin? :D

Amey said...

Gift through "Royal Mail"... sounds so royal. OK, let me try again: sounds so official and grand.

Pavi!!!! said...

awww... the joys of life! Sure ur having a brilliant day!!

So how many cups of coffe have u had today n is there any cookie remaining??

DotThoughts said...

how awesome :) Enjoy!!!!

PURN!MA said...

@ DD, though it is Rayshma's gippht... I say, eet bees lhaavlee. Damn sweet gal! (the mug) muhahaha...

@ Rayshma,
Go enjaay your gippht!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog.

Kippie® said...

i'm jealous :)

alice-in-wonder said...

wow. that's sweet. and its not even your birthday yet. :D

Royal mail.. I don't even get normal mail :((

Minal said...

Would you come back from your hibernation? Where are you? You are never online too. Mail!

Suma said...

what a lovely surprise!

happy drinking! :)

Keshi said...

u lucky girl!

I can sense the excitement and the warmth u felt from this rather sweet 'royal' experience :) It's always good to receive cute stuff by mail.

Enjoy it! :)


Preethi said...

I want some cookies too :( baah!! Such a sweet gift.. Dewdrop.. now I will come and visit you.. ! :)

Lena said...

awww... thats so sweet :)
can imagine your excitement, just got myself one such parcel coming all way from India to Russia :D

The Colors Magazine

rayshma said...

lena: it's amazing no? :D i hardly EVER get gifts.. so i get damn kicked abt the ones i do get!

preethi: hehehee... be careful. she may post a chimp back to u! :D

keshi: and you always know exactly what to say! :)

suma: coffee, no? ;)

minal: WHAT hibernation??? i blogged two days in a row!!! and YOU are not online!
btw, YOU commented. *faints*

alice: rona bandh karo. mujhe kaunsa roz aata hai! u shoulda gone to london instead of netherlands! :D

kip: :D

gigi: thanks. first time here? welcome! :)

purnima: ess ess.. i weel.

dottie: thx! :)

pavi: cookies? where? what cookies?

amey: yeah... u're gonna maska maaro her now?

rita: yeah.. i did. the gurl was snarling online. HAD to leave some! :)

pinku: thanks!

kiran: welcome here! thanks! :)

pix: let's not get into numbers. he DID get to taste tho! :D

G: erm.. i still have ur 'royal' gift...

prashanti: yeah. this time it was vin who was dazed. wondering if he missed my bday! :D

reva: siding with dewey will not get u a kitty mug! :P

dewey: u did NOT label the cookies. u should be grateful that u caught me online in time to tell me that the cookies were for him. u've put his name on the BOX. so that's what i should've saved for him.
and i lauuuvvveee the mug. and you! :D have to tell u what happened... only if u'd be online! :D

loca: aww... i love you!! :)

ersa: thx! :)

DewdropDream said...

eh hello! Travel agency khol rakha hai kya? Sabko London bhejne ki baat kar rahi ho :D And you're either telling people to maska maaro or scolding them for doing that... make up your mind :D

Why aren't you online :( I miss youuuuuuuu

Amey said...

Ooh, can I? I will even laugh hard at her PJs ;)