Jul 27, 2009


since i don't know what to blog about. and since none of you tag me anymore.
i shall use alice's excellent SEV-inspired idea. and use user-generated topics to come up with posts.
so now, YOU tell ME what you'd like me to write about.

some things i cannot do, hence should not be suggested:
- book reviews.
- film reviews
- music reviews.
well, reviews of any kind.

and yes, till you suggest - this qualifies as a post. also, suggestions are welcome all the time, but would love prompt suggestions. as is the case, the man i married is traveling and i have loadsa time to kill on my hand. and NO, i don't need to be reminded that i have to pack. i know. i WILL get to it. eventually.

*for the uninitiated, UGC - user-generated content.


Anonymous said...

Awww how can you put up a disclaimer saying i cannot nag you about packing? No fair.

Incidentally, I got this idea later, and this too is picked up from his blog. Start a X365 project (http://www.logolalia.com/40x365/). There, that's my 2nd contri for the day :P


Pavi!!!! said...

Arre! Write the usual stuff u write abt..i.e everyday life, random thoughts, etc. or write about the things u’ve uncovered/discovered/watever during packing n the memories they bring,
Create a quiz...giving hints abt a set of bloggers n ask us to discover who are the bloggers ur referring to n then mabbe typing in the 1st letter of the blogname of each of the bloggers u’ve spoken abt..in order..will be the answer to the final clue or key to a secret or a pic of ur tattoo or some such fancy thing.

This should keep u pretty busy rite?

Galadriel said...

@Pavi: The whole point of this post is to get ideas different from her usual posts, correct? :P
Raysh, I'm obviously NOT giving suggestions, I have to live through Labor Day! :D :D

rayshma said...

alice: i so darned love the concept. totally love it!
IF i can think of 365 people, i swear i will take it up.
and well... if sev has done this, will link him up, too! :D
u're on a roll, gurl! europe is sure doing you good! ;)

pavi: arre i'm not sure how many ppl are going to be bothered answering any quiz i create! :D
other than you handful few... nobody really seems to be too keen on commenting.

G: labor day is SO at the right time!! :)

Anonymous said...

If I were to write a post based on UGC topic, my blog would slowly take a XXX rating ,given the recent trend that I am noticing..
Actually YOU should do a X rated post ..new eh? ;-) unless I missed something

La vida Loca said...

write what's on your bucket list
what was your idea of the perfect man/woman/child/friend and so on

Anand Sarolkar said...

Write about your profession. the times in the office you enjoyed the most, the times when you felt "Yes! I Rock!!!"

Anonymous said...

@raysh: That's the whole idea. You shouldn't wait until you have a list of 365; you should just start off. Atleast you'll get to 50!

@G: "I have to live through Labor Day" sounds so scandalous. Or is it just me? :D


Preethi said...

I got tagged recently.. to write 5 things about the hubs.. I am not sure if they have to be nice things though the lady who tagged me did say nice things about hers.. I cant imagine me doing this one without bursting into fits.. you wanna try??

DewdropDream said...

@Loca: She already did a post on her perfect man and her post on perfect children somehow won't happen for a while if you ask me ;)

Catty, one more script?

PURN!MA said...

you want ideas?
1. write Purnima a nice long testimonial.
2. Write how great is her SOH
3. Write how furiously she'll play bejewelled blitz to beat your score.
4. write how madly she takes FB quizzes.
4. write how she comes up with one liners that can insult a 1000 people at one go.
5. write about her love for haapus ambas and chitale bakarwadis.

aahhh...so many things to write about and u still asking!!

P.S. do you write fiction?

Amey said...

Here's hoping "user-generated" does not mean I have to write the content: Write the screenplay for "Hema".

rayshma said...

amey: no... i'll lose whatever little readership i have if i ask you guys to write here now! :D
will try and work on hema! :D

purnima: if i write about all those points, will it count as fiction or non-fiction? ;)
those darned bejewelled guys reset the frikkin score JUST when i touched 121+ :(

dewey: OD nahi ho jayega?

preethi: 5 things abt vin?! HAHAHAHHAA!!!! :D lemme think abt that! :D

alice: i REALLY like the concept.. i may just do it! :D

anand: i like that! :) good to see u're still around! how goes life?

loca: hmm... bucket list... let's see...

LOTS: no no... that's galadriel's forte. i shall let her get back to the porn blog she's reactivated! :D

rayshma said...

alice: have disclaimers ever stopped any of you! :D

Anand Sarolkar said...

@rayshma: Life's like a pond. Tranquil & stable. Nothing "Happening" :)

@Purnima:Yummmm...Hapoos Ambas and Bakarwadi's, miss those here in thambistan! :(

DewdropDream said...

Amey suggest kare toh haan aur main karu toh na?! I SULK. HMPFH

Amey said...

i'll lose whatever little readership i have if i ask you guys to write here now!

Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence :(

rayshma said...

amey: HAHAHA... now that i read it, i do realize how that sounded!! sorry... not how i meant. what i meant was... if i ask YOU guys to write, YOU guys will also stop dropping by here and start avoiding me! :D

dewey: can you pls sulk online?

anand: tranquil & stable actually sounds "good" :)
i ate hapoos aamba & bakarwadi this year, so not gonna whine! :D