Jul 23, 2009

reasonable excuses

okay... since it's been a while since there's been a proper post... i think i owe it to the VERY few ppl who bothered to notice!
quite a bit has been going on.. highlights of which are as follows:
- SHE is back2blog. all engaged n all. so, go congratulate her! while, dewey is away. that kinda reflects on the low comment count, doesn't it?! but she's been kind enough to visit the blog and get those exotic country flags up there! thenks.
- vin walks the walk on the 14th. FINALLY. that will get it's own post. pucca.
- we're a month away from moving. but we still don't know the EXACT date we move, which mover we would use or when we would move out our stuff! we do know where we're going. thanks heavens for small mercies.
- i've started thinking of packing... which essentially means that my house now looks like a warehouse that was raided. yes, the second bedroom is kinda littered with most of the stuff that should be packed. and erm... yes... i will get to it. eventually. which also means that no guests are now allowed to visit! :D
- i realized that i have a helluva lot of stuff. never thought of myself to be a hoarder. but i guess i have some of my mom's genes too!
- EVERY little bit i own has it's set of memories attached and i can't get myself to give it away or even worse, trash it. makes it all the more difficult to pack and puts me in a vague mood.

this coupled with the fact that there haven't been ANY decent hindi movies of late ensures that i've been leading a rather hassled life. and no, i do NOT wish to watch rakhi ka swayamvar. neither will i watch the potter movie. thank you very much!

so there! now that i've got that off my mind... maybe i can get back to posting regularly...
i know i haven't been too regular on all the blogs i read. but i shall make up for that. soon.


Keshi said...

tho I didnt ask ya, I was wondering where u were :)

Packing? ewww I hate Moving girl, lol! Where r ya off to?

btw I hv moved so many times in my life now I've had enough. I decided to buy a place and stock all my zillion things there, and never shake a leg. :)

All the best to ya!


Prashanti :) said...

Vin's taking the walk ?????????????????????????????????????

CONGRATS CONGRATS !!!!!!! I tell you , you will be one proud lady that day when you watch his name being called out along with his advisor's name ..and vin with the golden tassel on his cap reserved only for doctorates ..aaahh.

Want pics with the post too .. btw, did u decide what to wear to the walk ????? The wife needs to be very prettily dressed, okay?.

Hey, two of my friends are moving to college station this fall to do their phds and I thought we cus meet up sometime. but youre moving ??? Did vin get a faculty position or a post doc somewhere ???
pliss to share the good news:)

Ohh sorry for the long comment. This is how grad students get carried away with any news of graduations or defenses :(

Convey loads of congrats and best wishes to Vin. Oops, sorry Dr.Vin :) :)

PURN!MA said...

alright lady, you've made urself clear. I know I have to update my blog...and shall do it soon. nyz, all the best packing...loads n loads of luck. You'll need it.

and waiting for ur new chaka chak post!

Pixie said...

Luck on the moving!

I hate packing up stuff and moving it from place to place!! :D
I'm glad we are done with that in Bangalore at least!!!

Potter movie - was boring - esp if you have read the book!

No good Hindi movies! Sigh.. I hear you. Ugh.

And yes, Yay! to G as well!! :)
will go over and congratulate her again! :P

La vida Loca said...


Amey said...

You a Potter hater? I should have checked that before Nero... :(

rayshma said...

amey: NO!! i LOVE potter. i just don't like the movies. i wouldn't mind 7 new books, tho... :)

loca: and wassup with you, woman?

pix: yeah. which is why i don't see the movies anymore. i need to read a book to wipe off the movie-effect.

purnima: YES! you have to blog now! :D i'm gonna nag u till you do! :D

prashanti: i LOVE the comment! hehehe!! and yeah, that "grad student" enthu comes thru! :D
haven't decided yet... it's early in the morng... so i doubt how prettily dressed i'll be! :D
baaki... send me ur mail id, no girl? can give u more details and photos! :D

keshi: thx gurl! yeah.. i've disappeared no?
i hate packing too.. and even worse is unpacking! moving to up-state NY around aug end. and well, we're still bitten by the nomadic life... let's see when we feel the urge to stop that! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

i WANT to move!!! even if its to a diff house in the same aptment. im looking for an xcuse!!

Good luck with the packing! n hope we get to meet.. SOOOOOOON!

n yayyeeeee...ur gonna be a DR's wife ;)

Did u watch NY btw?

Galadriel said...

erm.. pliss to move before labor day weekend!! :D

rayshma said...

G: bitch! you know EXACTLY when we're moving!!! u think either of us can risk ur wrath??

pavi: come over and pack for me!!!
and yes, we will meet.
and erm.. he was already a doc when i married him... but i'm still not used to it! :D
saw NY. and a couple others also... haven't liked anything after 99, though.

Anonymous said...

Yayayayay! I finally get a chance to hound you back about packing.. in case you have forgotten, you did hound me when i was moving back last year. Yeah, that's how good a friend i am :P

well, good you posted.. do keep up, even if it's only to tell us how much hate packing and the status of your warehouse oops house :D

And oh, before i get carried away and write a comment longer than your post, congratulations to Vin.

~alice (almost forgot to write the name! )

Lavs said...

Hey congrats to Vin!Good luck for the move!!

Aparna said...

Eeeks, I hate moving.I do not envy you at all. My house is full of junk and I have conveniently shoved everything under the bed.
Best of luck with all that packing.

Miss M said...

Thats exactly why i loved orkut and facebook. To re-connect with all my friends back in india. And i am STILL getting in touch with a few of them.

It's a nice feeling, really. :)

Miss M said...

That was my comment for the previous post.

And now for this one-


Though, whats this walk Vin is taking? Sorry, am a little lost.

Oh and have fun packing and moving et al babe! heh ;)

Suma said...

you should have written this a week earlier...i woudl have just pointed everyone your way and saved myself a few clunks on te head. :)

and congrats to Vin, he did it inspite of the diversions :).

Keshi said...

enjoy the nomadic life while u can. I did that too :)

All the best Raysh!


Anonymous said...

Moving? Where? why? cities or just house?God am out of touch here.

DewdropDream said...

I fully expected a post saying you were missing me and all... I am disappointed. meh. :P

HOW have you NOT mentioned the moving date to ME?! HOW!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

I'm moving while you do btw... mroe of the we do things alike stuff here then :D Missed you loads, glad to see G is back, even gladder to know Vin's gonna be walking the walk... catch up with you soonest I can, lauve you

rayshma said...

dewey: either u're jet-lagged or u haven't read the post! :D nothing here that u didn't know abt. didn't do post on missing you... coz well.. u didn't announce to the world that you were going. same reason that Gs engagement didn't get a post!

LOTS: cities. you are "lost on the street".. so it's okay :)

keshi: thanks... let's see how it goes. :)

suma: i posted a MONTH in advance! how much more notice can i give! YOU still get clunked on the head!!
as for vin... why d'u think he took so long? ;)

M: arre he's graduating. convocation-waala walk. he'll get his doctorate or whatever it's called that they get after their PhDs! :D

aparna: thx! that's exactly what i do with mine as well! but now, well... i'm just reminded of how much i have! :D

lavs: thanks! :)

alice: i'm glad you left ur name... nahi toh i'd be thinking ki kaun hai jisko maine nag kiya tha to pack! :D hehehehe!!!

Kippie® said...

so where are you moving :)