Jul 10, 2009

30 years of deliciousness.

yup. it's official.
i have a box which says so!

a box, that reached me after an entire treasure hunt... and a wait - that seemed rather long! a box, that arrived after i was made to straighten my hair WHILE i was online an
d chatting. a box, which i presumed had CHEESE in it. a box, which i was told had a video of ALL the cheesy b-grade videos which had a heroine named reshma.

it didn't.

but let me start at the beginning. i woke up - on my 30th b'day to hear galadriel say "don't call me back. i'll talk to you tomorrow. bye" in the MOST khadoos voice. this was thanks to the man i married... who saw her missed call from the prev night, accessed VM and held the phone to my ear while waking me up.

a little later when i logged in and went to de
wey's.. *yeah, i do that obsessively*, i saw this. then, i was bullied by G to go over to hers and do the entire treasure hunt. *all of it isn't here, but i can't share the rest!* the prize at the end was undisclosed.

so, after abt half a day... of waiting, of chatting, of hearing these two snickering... finally... i got this:

a delish snickers cheesecake.

and it kind of set the tone for the wonderful day that followed.

aladriel, dewey - you gurls are absolutely fantastic. it takes a LOT to go through so much hassle... more so, coz i know how caught up both of you are right now... really really appreciate it! you both mean a helluva lot to me. and i can't thank this space enough for enabling me to meet you. i wish you both could be here... but since that wasn't possible - this was as close to purrfect a bday i've ever had!

and all of you who mailed me - i haven't got down to reverting yet. i promise i will. today! dewey's been nagging me to do this post... so the mails were on the back-burner. but i really really appreciate the wishes. thanks a ton! i had a wonderful day. :)


DewdropDream said...

I think I like nagging you, it gets results :D And it gets me the first comment! :D

It was fun planning this stuff up... course would've been more fun if we'd been in the same city and had to sneak around lying to you through our teeth to get plans in place (and of course we'd take Vin's help) but this was fun too, in the absence of that :D

So, there you have it. We did something very cheesy, just as suits us!

Now, what did you first think after figuring out that the answer was 'cheese'?

Right, budday over no? Back to acting like a teenager now :D

Pavi!!!! said...

yayayeee! wat wonderful memories! Thank god for some friends..rite?!

Happy B'week! Keep the glow n smile(which im sure u have on now) on for the next decade!

Pixie said...

these 2 are the best aren't they!
the gesture is so so sweet! :)

This space is truly blessed, we have met some really great people, who have come to mean so much more in our lives...

you rock! :)

Galadriel said...

Dewey, that's not fair.. you've got gtalk at work!!! :(

Buttttttttt... Soooo glad you had a grrreat birthday. Here's hoping we celebrate all our birthdays together!

rayshma said...

G: for THIS one reason, i'm ecstatic that u don't have gtalk at work! :D

dewey and vin are going to celebrate ur bday in nov. so, yeah...we COULD celebrate urs and hers together! :D
i lauves the yous gurl! :D

pix: they sure are! :D

pavi: thx gurl! and thank god for ALL friends! :D

dewey: it also gets half-baked posts. :D
who acted like a grown-up on my bday??? YOU?! u were worse than my 5 year old niece!!! :D

but yes, i LOVED the cheesiness of it all! i thought u gurls were sending me a block of cheese! :D then, G told me that it was the video. :D :D i trusts yous. :D

Ersa said...

good to know you had a nice time...what wonderful friends you have!!!

happy 30th, dear.

Prashanti :) said...

hehehhehe loved the idea !!!!!! the treasure hunt was perfect :) the cheese cake looks delicious!!!!!

so all set to rock the 30s???

Miss M said...

Many many happy returns of the day!!!

Came over from DDD's blog. :)
Delurking actually.

Anonymous said...

Awesome twosome these.. cliched though it may sound.

Happy Birthday again Raysh..... hope all your birthdays are so much fun!!


DewdropDream said...

The point is I was not supposed to act grown up :D

:@ G: But this is exactly why we kept ccing you in and then you tld us not to spam your work email :( 'tis okay... you have the weekends to nag her. You even get to call her, I don't. Oh and at this rate you will have to have speshul budday in Nov just so Vin and I can have the satisfaction of celebrating it :D

rayshma said...

dewey: dude... vin also believes she lives in boston! if we start following ur OR his logic.. phir toh ho gaya!
now, koshan: if i ask u to behave all grown up, will you?! O_O

alice: thanks so much! u're no less. ur mail was so darned cute! :)

Miss M: welcome welcome. thanks! if u are who i think u are, then well... i know u've been lurking here! :)

prashanti: yep. all set! :) and yeah, the cake's AWESOME! :D

ersa: thanks! :)

DewdropDream said...

Says the lady who got me lost while trying to find her in Covent Garden :P

If you ask me to behave grown up ... err.... woh kya hota hai? kaise karte hain? :D

Miss M said...

Yes I am who you think I am....I think! :P Haha :)

rayshma said...

M: good to see u here, then! tumhari almost supari nikal gayi thi! for blog-stalking. :D

dewey: YOU got lost. I reached covent garden without knowing it! :D
i have no clue what grown-up behavior is! :D

PURN!MA said...


I've got cold u'kno! :P

I know this is very very personal kinda post...but I'll still butt in and comment.
the cake looks tempting! Sure you enjoyed it!

plush said...

aha! Happyy (belated) Birthday raysh! Have a soooper year,majaafy!

Preethi said...

Happy bday again :) now that I have wished you nicely.. without forgetting about it.. and then when you reminded me, ranting about something else... can I have some cheese cake.. its ok if you have finished the one in the pic, you can get me a new one :)

rayshma said...

preethi: u're in india. and u're asking ME for cheesecake!?
sharam karo kuch toh!!! get pampered... and keep blogging! :)

plush: thanks, gurl! how abt getting back-to-blog, eh?!

purnima: YOU... get well soon! stop sniffling! :D
LOUVED the cake! not to expect me to bake ANYthing like this, ok!? :D

Keshi said...

twas ur bday? WOW Happy Belated Bday Wishes to ya hun!

Sorry I missed it :( I wasnt blogging much lately...but Im glad I read this post.

Looks like u had loads of fun. Wonderful!

*HUGZ* n all the best for the coming years too!


Kippie® said...

ooops I missed your birthday!! HAPPY BELATED!! HAPPY HAPPY!!
And welcome to the club :)

that cake looks delish indeed!

Pinku said...

Happy Budday...a bit delayed but sweet as ever...

that was a beautiful cake....hope the three of you stay close always... :)