May 1, 2009

not too good...?

in order to ground myself... and i need to do this from time to time... i'm gonna be listing my negative traits. also, these are some of the things i'd like to change... so documenting it. and i will see how much of this i manage to change and by when.
so effectively, this post may be boring for quite a few.. but then, it's my blog... and as a wise human said "boredom is under-rated"

:: i detest people taking leave from work. it's something i don't understand. i never denied annyone leave, but couldn't do it myself. i do not let vin take leave. we plan whatever we need to / want to do over long weekends or weekends. am i happy i married a workaholic!
:: i can be, and usually am, very sarcastic to people who are intellectually challenged. i try not to.. but it happens.. like, automatically? of course, there's no fun in it, coz the sarcasm is lost. but it's an entertaining process/conversation. at the end of it, they usually think i'm a wonderful person.. i get entertained. win-win situation. but deep down, i know it's mean.
:: i bite my nails. i claw out the skin off my feet and sometimes fingers. yeah, i know.
:: i have a set of 4 expressions. unless you know me well... or i like you. but for all other purposes, i will only exhibit four expressions. one of them is indifference. makes ppl believe i'm getting bored when i'm not.
:: i procrastinate. BIG time.
:: i do not completely understand categories/definitions etc. i would like to. really like to. but there seems to be a defect in my programming that prevents me from this comprehension.
:: i tend to forget most of my negative traits rather quickly!

apart from this, i'm pretty much purrfect!
yeah, i know... that should be one of the points too, eh?


My Alter Ego II said...

ditto for me as above. :D I bite my nails and peel the skin off my feet too. That makes the two of us.
and having a fixed set of expressions is no rocks!! seriously... it saves us from miseries... I pull such faces that any person who isn't blind should understand that I'm least interested in continuing communications with him. :D... apan janmat kadhi bhetlo tar let's try givin each other this expression. what says the you?

Galadriel said...

:: not even if people take leave of absence to travel to India, say, for their.. err... engagement? :P

:: don't you mean vin-vin situation?!! yeah, i know. this should go in as one of mine. :D

rayshma said...

G: engagement comes under "required leave"
i think i've taken 9 days off in the entire 6 odd years i worked... 5 of those were for my engagement... the others were family emergencies.

alter ego: welcome here.. don't rber seeing u around before?
and yeah... bhetlo tar nakki! :D it's good fun! but i want to make it more voluntary than automatic! ;)

Amey said...

So I am guessing you would love Dwight Schrute:

lafemmereva said...

u know what I can be bloody sarcastic and those that can survive go on to become good friends!!! those that don't become wish they had never seen me! :):) and somehow I always have a smile on my face and only the best friends can see the other expressions :)

DewdropDream said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! @ G. 'Vin-vin' situation indeed :D

And I was about to mention the nail-biting but I did not. Not because I was afraid or anything... mostly because I don't sit making lists of bad habits friends have :D

rayshma said...

dewey: sharrup... scaredy cat! i'm sure u were scared i won't adopt u! :D also, given the "mood" in the morng... that li'l comment would've escalated into a cold war or something! :D muah!

reva: yeah... after going thru ur space, i realized i'm gonna be a regular there! :D
btw, ur blog really helped to cheer me up this morng! so, thanks! :)

amey: link not opening :( wassit say?

PURN!MA said...

I don't know why you call them negative traits. Very much positive they are in my opinion. :D You rawwk babes!!

DewdropDream said...

Scaredy cat?! MOI?! Pthbthbthb!!! (garfield style) :P Haan mood ka bhi problem tha is liye I kept quiet... but I am NOT scared of you!!! You lauve me, tum adopt kar logi kisi na kisi din, I'll just wait :D

lostonthestreet said...

whaaat?? then I am already on your hate list. I have always managed to exceed my leave quota..and still its not enough.Some day I will list my most inventive excuses- and maybe patent them

Pavi!!!! said...

I think most of us have our set of "close" friends..who we are ourselves with...n then the rest who we are so-so with..thts not a negative.

n NO chutti AT not even during christmas or thanksgiving for a get-away..All work n no play makes jack a dull boy ..rite??
I hate it when ppl take leave for cold n LAME!

Amey said...

The link is Dwight Schrute making a case for suspending sick leaves and instead making sick people work in special quarantine areas in office :D

Keshi said...

Good on ya for listing em out in the open w.o. fear of judgement. Not many can do that Raysh.

** i procrastinate. BIG time.

Me too. But at the same time, I can be the most proactive person too :) It all depends on my MOOD.

What's bad can be a good thing certain situations.


phatichar said...

ok, we have something in common, so you're not alone


Keep writing! it's good.

MJS said...

madam, U don't need to change any of ur negatives.. that's what makes u!
Me too forgets my negatives verrrry soon! That makes the 2 of us :D

Suruchi said...

this blog is not u :-D!!

Sam said...

first time here. i must say you have got a good blog...

rayshma said...

sam: thx! and welcome here.

suruchi: the entire blog or this piece? kya hua suddenly?

mj: don't worry.. i'll sprout a whole new bunch of negatives! i'm like a mutating virus! :D

phatichar: welcome. thanks. and yeah, i even procrastinate reverting to comments sometimes! :D

keshi: i'm proactive when it comes to work... it's the personal life that i put aside.. hence, the negative! :)

amey: yeah, that's a good idea! :D unless someone's seriously unwell, should work fine! i don't u'stand leaves for cold and fever!! take a pill, get to work!

pavi: x'mas and thanksgiving ARE holidays. why will u take leave for them?? i meant the cold and fever kinda leaves.

LOTS: hehehe!! see, innovative excuses, i may like. a girl who used to report to me once told me her dad wasn't well, so i let her off. i hadn't realized how stupid she was, tho... i met her in the mall NEXT to office in lunch break... with her boyfriend!

dewey: yeah, i will adopt u.. if i don't, vin will! :D

purnima: these are just things i'm working on changing... will invent new ones! :D sometimes, i am a rawk! ;)