May 19, 2009

follow thy own beat

rather late in the night... after a hectic 3 days. vin's really sleepy.. and after being sleepy for the entire day, i'm finally awake.

vin: PLEASE sleep! i've to get up early tomorrow.

me: but i's no being sleepy. wake upppp!!!
vin: ENTIRE day u were sleepy and crabby. pls sleep now. or at least let me sleep.
me: but now i'm NOT! and if i'm awake and u're here, i HAVE to talk.
vin: read something boring. u'll feel sleepy.
me: no, i'll go have coffee
vin: NOO!!! coffee's a stimulant. u'll be awake longer!
me: but i want to be stimulated into sleeping. so it should do that, no? NO?


DewdropDream said...

Haahahhahahahaha!!! You and your ideas. And your vishesh tippani. Life would be SO boring without you dude. So boring... *shudder*

Keshi said...

LOL Raysh good one!

Though I hv never heard of being 'stimulated' into sleeping using coffee hahaha!


Pixie said...


Nice theory... I have falling asleep over my dinner these days...


*On a different note, I'm not getting a message saying your blog's been updated on my blog list... *

Pavi!!!! said...

:D so did u sleep or not finallie??

@ this end the hubby is doomed if i dont get sleep at nite..i will wake him up SEVERAL times (say every 5 mins) n ask "So, are u getting sleep?I'm not!!"

PURN!MA said...

hehe... tell Vin this the next time that somewhere in India where a fellow blogger stays, she uses coffee to stimulate her sleepiness.
If I don't zhop, I ask mommy to make me garam coffee and then zzzzzzzzzz... believe it! :P

Prashanti :) said...

Super theory raysh !!! btw tell us if it did work or if it didnt, then what happened after that ?????????????

rayshma said...

purnima: yeah.. mala pan!!! but who will tell him.. he didn't want to take the riks! ;)

pavi: HAHAHAA... yeah, i'm like that also... except that i talk non-stop. so there's not even a 5 min pause! :D i DID sleep... eventually.

pix: no clue re... sometimes, reader acts funny... dunno what the issue is.

keshi: but shouldn't that be what a stimulant does? i have my coffee with lotsa milk... maybe that's why it helps me sleep?

dewey: awww... me lauve you! muah!

La vida Loca said...

stimulated into sleeping?? lol lol

mind wanders in dangerous directions.

rayshma said...

prashanti: arre, everything can't be blogged! ;)
but yes.. i DO feel sleepy after coffee if i need to. :D

loca: rein it in! ;) censored & child-friendly site this is! :D

Ersa said... did the coffee put you to sleep?...most of the times i take coffee thinking it will help me stay awake, but it has the opposite effect on me :-P

Galadriel said...

flawless logic!! :P

Kippie® said...

so did v wake on hearing this!! :)

Suma said...


poor vin


rayshma said...

suma: and WHY not!? just coz u wanna side with vin?!

kip: of course he did! :D without coffee, that too.

G: hehee... MUAH! :D

ersa: it does wake me up in the morng. sometimes. ;)