May 8, 2009

'catch' me if you can?

when i'm traveling or away for a while, i often tend to forget to call vin. it's not that i don't miss him. it's just that i don't like the phone much. and even if i call, it's cursory and to-the-point. i prefer telling him in person. 

he's been my opposite, so far, where it comes to calling. if he had a one-stop flight, he'd even call from the stop and let me know he had a good/bad flight and he was hopping onto the next. and of course, i would tease him and call him a little boy.. but well, that's another topic! 

but then, everything changes. this time when he's off. i've been nagging him every couple hours. while he has made his absence rather conspicuous by the lack of phone calls! even when i'd called, i got replies in monosyllables or single sentences.  
later, five phone calls later, he called...  
vin: just got to the hotel. it's... 
me: what took u SO long, eh?! 
vin: eh? it's 2.30? how long should it take?
me: oh. different timezone... 
vin: yeah.. lissen, if the net's not working, u can use dial-up, okay?  
me: net's fine. i'll be okay. 
vin: okay... talk to u later, then. bye. 

okay bye???
that is all i get for calling?! 
sigh! i now know how it feels to be on the other side of the coin. 
i'm not so irked by the lack of calls... as i said, i am not much of a call person myself. what bothers me is the fact that HE was the one who believed in calling. and now, i've gone ahead and affected his programming.  
oh geez! i'm contagious...! 
wonder what he'll catch next! 


PURN!MA said...

Rayshma bai, it is indeed very kadu having a dose of your own medicine. I can very well understand the visibly confused irritability. Chill maar. :)

I'm soooo waiting for the cake. when coming you ithe? ;) ;)

Noodlehead said...

lol! this sounds like me and N - except N's the one who can't stand phone conversations and i'm the one who'll call every half hour to give him an update....oooh, I wish I were contagious :d

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look! absolutely wonderful :)

DewdropDream said...

HAHA!!! 'kadu' :D HAHAHAHAHA!!

WHAT cake?! Me no get cake from you? :(

He's affected your programming too na? If you're pining for phone calls that aren't coming? :D

Galadriel said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Wait now I shall besiege you with calls!!! :D

rayshma said...

G: aiyyo... why, but? HE is not contagious!!! and u can't catch him itne miles away, no?!

dewey: arre i'm not waiting for calls... wondering when he picked up my random quirks!!!
i run a bakery or what? waise, u're the one promising us cheesecakes... don't forget!

noodles: thanks! :D
calling every half hour is nagging, no?! hehehee.. at least that's what i tell vin when he does it! :D

purnima: kadu cake milel aata! :P
why don't u come ikde... daily cake pwomised! :) but get me bakarwadi when u come! :D

DewdropDream said...

You promising Purnima cakes... me no get cake from you :( go me katti

rayshma said...

dewey: arre don't sulk over weekends.. i can't sing item numbers to u, then. and i'm gonna adopt u no? we'll alternate cake and cheesecake then. u get ur backside here first!

Suma said...

hmmm..i wonder too..what will he catch next..?

maybe you should reprogram him now!

PURN!MA said...

@ DDD,
let's just land up at her door step. I anyways don't like cheese we won't fight for that. you can have the entire cake. She'll bake me a chocolate cake. :D

DewdropDream said...

@ Purnima: Umm the deal is that I bake HER and Vin cheesecake(s)... looks like you and I will have to battle it out after all ;) Ah what the hell, hum cake khane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain and all that jazz :D Hee hee!

Catty: You said you're gonna adopt me!!!! WHEEEEEEE!!! BRING OUT THE PARTY HATS AND CHAMPAGNE!!! :D I knew you'd wear down eventually hehe :D MUAH!!!!

Pavi!!!! said...

his feelin..whn u suddenly realize tht u've influenced the hubby the adverse go bk n undo wat u did!

btw..this template is likes it!

rayshma said...

pavi: thanks! u saw the template NOW?! :D

dewey: difficult to not wear down, na? vin is rather keen on adopting u... i don't worry. i have G on my side. hopefully! :D

purnima: she's one hungry child.. i'm warning you!

suma: yeah.. i've undertaken the re-programming. i think it's working! ;)

DewdropDream said...

Same thing no? You, me, Vin and G are all part of the same big happy family :D MUAH

rayshma said...

sharrup! u've chosen ur side. now don't try to stay neutral! :P

lafemmereva said...

hahah a girlfriend of mine says the same thing!!!! but she is at the receieving end..if her hubby doesnt call she gos berserk!!! but when she is out she barely calls!! :)

Mahogany said...

Maybe he'll start blogging =D

Anonymous said...

Eeeks, that's me- I hate calling, especially when I am out travelling,because very often I dont't know what to say and I just grumble! And sid tries hard to get words out of me then :-)

La Vida Loca said...

why u no update blog?

Pixie said...


I'm the caller ... :P

My husband, he doesn't like phones, he is so not a phone person..
He says mobiles are distracting and irritating...

Keshi said...

yes beware of the 'germs' u may distribute to ur loved-ones LOL!

I dun want my loved-ones to brush up on my certain habits at all ;-)


mayG said...

aw shucks!
*crosses fingers that he gets back to his "little boyish" ways of calling you every now and then*

did I say I just LUUURVE the new look!

rayshma said...

mayg: thanks!!! it is "that" much more special to hear u praise a template! :)
and yes, he's back to being a boy. :D

keshi: u bet! it's like loving the differences and then realizing that they're evolving into you! :D

pix: i like mobiles. but i like them for official/urgent calls only. i can't chit-chat on the phone.

loca: done! :)

lots: with you on that!

mahog: oh well... i don't spare him the laptop at home.. so that seems difficult! :D

reva: yeah.. see, hubbies are sposed to call. WE are not! :D

Keshi said...

lol yes n thats freaky!


Ersa said...

lol...just had to happen some day :-)