Jan 12, 2009

what's in your courier?

i know... i've been MIA for a while.
my net's been awry. not that it's working or anything now... but regular programming shall resume soon as it behaves. pucca.
don't give up on me just yet!

am attempting to blog today - on an almost defunct connection - coz i'm just SO habby.

got my first personal courier today. yeah, i know. life sucks, eh?! over 2 years here and my first personal courier. i also psyched the courier guy. coz after i'd grinned from ear-to-ear and jumped up & down a couple of times and confirmed that "YAYY!! my package's here!!!!" he wanted to take it back *he needed to scan off the barcode apparently* and i refused to give it back to him!! he DID manage to explain to me that he would return it to me soon as he scanned it. and then, of course, i felt like an idiot! but well, i also grinned at him?

coming back to the point... the package - it had KITES!!! nice, pretty, bright... and beeeyyooootiphulll KITES! and really pretty-colored post-its! :D
AND, the reason for the courier - my speshul new year gift! from suruchi!

i've loved kites since i was 17, i think. my room always had kites on one wall. and i used to change the kites every year. even my hostel room had kites on the wall. i can't put into words HOW much it meant to find kites in that package! i guess i DO love being surprised!
and well...most of u know i love post-its! :D

thanks, suruchi... i laauuvvee u!! u made my day!
i don't know what i'd do without you!

of course, now the MIL is convinced that i have absolutely insane friends! who send kites via international courier. she gave me an extremely puzzled look! she also asked if suruchi had sent kites coz it was sankraant!!! hehehee... and then, seeing how happy i was... and HOW lost at her question, she decided to practice womanly restraint. like the time she realized that the tattoo was there. for good! :D
also, when i called suruchi and shrieked into the phone, she promptly left the house to go for a walk! i DO love her as well!

i will be at ur spaces soon to figure out what you guys have been upto!


Galadriel said...

Kites eh? That's your thing. But yayy for Suruchi, Shera and your blessed MIL. God knows, lesser mortals would have been fleeing for dear life by now. :P

Suma said...


MIL displays tremendous intelligence :P

happy kite flying!

Pixie said...

Kites?!! Cool! :-D
I haven't received a personal courier yet, that didn't have some docs to sign from my dad!
Still waiting...
And I do agree with what Galadriel says too!

put up pics, if u can, when Internet is alright!

~nm said...

Lol! You sound like such a child! And keep that child intact within you!!!

And isn't it so much fun and so good to have friends with whom you can act totally crazy??

PURN!MA said...

:) Lucky you! Enjoy your Gippht!

Pinku said...


that sounds just so lovely.

Hope your life stays as colourful as those kites.

U got lovely friends and family :)

DewdropDream said...

Ditto Galadriel :D

But wait. This is insane. Six months of knowing you, three of practically living with you and one of missing your madness... and I STILL DON'T KNOW YOU LOVE KITES?! How the hell did you miss gibing me that vital piece of info?!

You jumped up and down in front of courier guy? I do that too :D hee hee!! My turn to make you shriek now... warn MIL in advance :D

Suruchi said...

:-) happy sankrant babes!

Pavi!!!! said...

so sweet :)...u , suruchi and ur mil are...hehe!!!

njoy decorating ur room with kites!

BTW..do u know how to fly 'em as well?

Prashanti :) said...

This is sooo sweet.. the sending kites part... can u fly them ???
LOL @ ur MIL going tactfully for a walk :)
How did the courier guy react????
I would have soo loved to see his expression at u jumping up and down ..heheheh


Anonymous said...

u are one excited lil kid...have fun kite flying!

Am a novice to blogging...loved ur new template...maybe this is a dumb Q but cld u help me with some info as to how I can pimp my blog. The drab templates...dont inspire me to come back to my space often.


rayshma said...

tangie: welcome! :)
pyzam is good - i find it easier to get templates from there. if u're a beginner, that may be easier for u. if u're tech savvier, u can try btemplates.com
they have instructions there as well. but i still needed a LOT of help with mine. and yeah, there's still some work left! :D
and heyy, leave ur blog link when u comment - will enable me to drop by :)
p.s.: do we know each other in the brick & mortar world?

prashanti: courier guy was briefly amused and then extremely scared. i can look VERY intimidating. esp when someone's trying to snatch MY parcel from my hand! :D

pavi: these are miniature kites... bright & shiny and extremely decorative! :D
even otherwise, i've never flown a kite.

suruchi: haan, yehi baaki tha! :D

DDD: i think she's getting immune to us! :D we should meow on the phone! :D

pinku: thanks SO much! :)

purnima: and now u spam me?! HAHAHAHHAA!!! :D

~nm: thanks! :D yeah, i attract madness! :D

pix: sure will! u stop agreeing with galadriel first! :P corrupting influence that woman is! :D

suma: HEHEHE... these are not flying-waala kites! :D u think i'd make the effort?? :D

galadriel: hehehee...YOU aren't running anywhere, are u?! :P

La Vida Loca said...

kites huh?
i did not know!

Noodlehead said...

kites....wow! never seen one in real life...yes, ppl like me do exist :D i'm with u on post-its...LOVE them! have a dozen in the rainbow colors and found some even cooler ones here. yayy for suruchi and ur MIL!

Lena said...

wow! no wonder you were so happy, and actually the entire post is beamming with happiness! :)

Anonymous said...

A COURIER.that too a Surprise one..I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN...My madness goes back to my hostel days..I hate it when someone tells me they have couriered something for me..coz the suspense almost kills me..and the courier guy invariably turns up when I am not at home..then call him up..yada yada yada...u get the drift na

TheKing said...

You wrote that ur MIL left the house for the walk but u didn't write that she walked to the temple to pray for the sanity of her son'r life with such D-I-L!


GettingThereNow said...

An MIL who keeps quiet at a here-to-stay-tattoo?? Great!! You have found the rarest of treasures :P

Kites? KITES?? What a fab decorating idea!!!