Nov 30, 2008

i love me!

ok... i don't have anything of any consequence to blog... but am picking up loca's tag... and listing things i love abt myself. bcoz i want to. bcoz london's making me realize a lot of things. and fall in love. with myself. and with life. :)

i love the fact that i:
:: can smile even when i want to cry. if someone needs that smile. and they matter enough to me. and that smile will be genuine.
:: am an awesome friend to have, once u're in the inner circle. till then, it's a tad confusing... i could be rather self-centered.
:: can be, and/or seem to be, rather indifferent even while being extremely
attached to something/someone. it's not as confusing as it sounds.
:: can be rather entertaining. so if i like u. and u need ur spirits lifted. u can count on me. but well, if u're a friend, u already know that. so cross that out! :D
:: can make myself feel happy. irrespective of everyody and everything.
:: am good at networking. but i like to believe that is because i'm genuine.
:: am not ugly. and i know what suits me. and i carry off stuff rather well. yeah, i love that. i know i'm vain. so?
:: have expressive eyes. for ppl close to me, it's rather easy to know what's going on in my mind.
:: am unpredictable. yeah, despite the point above. that's coz i mostly don't know what i'm going to do till i do it. :D
:: do NOT discriminate. at ANY level.
:: know when to be modest. and when to leave that behind.
:: know how to keep ego away from my relationships.
:: am passionate about what i do for a living. and that i know, that it's not related to where i work. or what i do. it's how i do what i'm doing that matters to me.
:: am not easy. in any sense.
:: am real.


Prashanti :) said...

you know what suits you ...... what about the saree and the thames?????

Pavi!!!! said...

U know i'll 2nd u rgdg u being entertaining!
Point 3 is a great trait!Very hard to be that way...

n the thing abt modesy kinda comes across :)

Do u not like it that ur a honest n frank person??? or did u forget to mention it?

Pavi!!!! said...

Hmmmm..may i ask why u deleted ur prev post?

rayshma said...

pavs: didn't feel like keeping it here.
honest & frank... i think those are basics, gurl. so haven't mentioned it. but thanks :)

prashanti: yes, yes... will carry that off too. but i can't step out in this chill in a saree... need to think of an alternative ;)

Galadriel said...

can i be in your inner circle? please please please?

btw... i forgot how you said you do your eyes.. kajal/eye pencil was it? i wanna try it sometime too...

Suma said...

that's a whole lot of me points...:D

and teh raising the spirits stuff...i can vouch for that...

for that matter ..i could vouch for most of the stuff here...

strange considering i've never met you...


Keshi said...

u r great, no doubt abt that. Thats why I like ya too :) HUGS!


Pinku said...

Hey Rayshma....nice to know those tidbits about you. i think I like the picture it creates. :)

La vida Loca said...

see it make you feel even gooder no?

rayshma said...

loca: ess! :D

pinku: thanks! :)

keshi: u like me coz YOU are good! :D good to see u back, gurl! :)

suma: u're always welcome! sorry... days are a tad busy aajkal.. will make up for it.. promise! :D

galadriel: this is as "awesome" as it gets! ;) u shall shortly receive a "tips for eye make-up" mail! :D

Keshi said...

:) I like u cos u hv a TERRIFIC personality.

*HUGZ* always be like that.


Lena said...

:) :)

you are sure real! thats what i like the most about you :)

lostonthestreet said...

"am passionate about what i do for a living"..Lucky Lucky Lucky you..thats all I have to say..when on earth will I ever figure that out :-(

Ankur said...

did i leave a comment here??

Preethi said...

vain eh?? see what I caught on.. you are a lovely girl Raysh.. hugs!!

PURN!MA said...

Gurini, I wud love to meet u once in this life. :) I know u can be entertaining. see your blog posts... even saat samundar paar they are hilarious and make me smile/ LOL.

rayshma said...

purnima: will pucca try to meet u next time i come down :)

preethi: hehehe... was that the only thing u didn't know?! :D

ankur: now u did... :)

lost: oh i still do crib abt my job tho! :D

lena: thanks! :)

keshi: thanks hun! am so glad u're back! :)

Mallik said...

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