Nov 25, 2008

the "beast" is here as well...

the beast from the "now-i'm-on-sabbatical", "now-i'm-not" galadriel is visiting. and wants me to write 6 random things about me. i'm not sure what she - galadriel, not the beast - means by that. and despite some clarifications on gtalk, i'm still confused. as to what is expected from me. but i got the words RANDOM and SIX points. and ABOUT YOU. NOT ANYONE ELSE. so, ok. here goes:

1. i have gone thru bhojpuri songs and videos. and checked for "quality". which essentially meant that 93% of them got rejected owing to visual obscenity or vulgar language or double entendre lyrics. i actually knew lyrics to bhojpuri songs. was an occupational hazard. and no, i don't do that anymore.

2. i want to go to the thames wearing a saree, carrying a ghada and fill the ghada with water. *it being london ka gangajal and all.* and play a recorded remix *the shyla lopez* version of "baahon mein chale aaaaooooo...". recorded, bcoz i can't sing. dewdrop's gonna help me with this. considering that i don't have a saree.. and don't know how to reach the water of the thames! *i can SEE the darned river... but can't get into it. not that i've tried. but still*

3. i stopped going to temples because i was wary of leaving my footwear outside. eventually, i wasn't very sure of the whole concept of "god". but i don't believe in making a scene out of it. if it pleases my mom, or my MIL, i'll do a puja. it doesn't hamper my beliefs.

4. i don't care much for shopping but can spend hours in a supermarket. or a bookstore. i love observing packaging. and i find supermarkets very interesting. i can also spend DAYS doing nothing... i can be comfortable perched at a
corner observing the world go by. and never feel like i've wasted a minute. i am also intrigued by book covers. i r'ber the covers... long after i've forgotten the contents.

5. i'm rather good at maintaining professional relationships. and no, this isn't my superiority complex talking. i really am. *any prospective employers reading?? pls read only this piece!* i am also darned good at spotting typos.

6. i remember random crap that is of no use to anyone or me... like the license plate number of dad's cousin's car. or our old landline number. or the birthdate of a remote acquaintance's kid. or the colour of the wall behind the tv in vin's sis's apartment. or the exact shade of grey that i wanted my room to be. or my first mobile phone number.

i'm supposed to restrict this piece to 6 points. there are, of course, the other points i told u offline, galadriel. but those can't be blogged. and now it's a little past mid-night. and i need to sleep.
pls feel free to take this up as a tag or drop me six random things abt u as a comment. so liberal we are, around here, these days!


Prashanti :) said...

LOL!!! btw I highly like the river thames wala thing ...try it out na ...


Galadriel said...

is that why you made me drive a boiling hot car in the middle of the day to that apology of a mall near your place? tum humar galat fayda uthayike apne blogwa pe kissa chaapat ho?!!

Pixie said...

Randomness at its best!! ;)

La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

this is so funny. I'll take it up :)

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Pinku said...

only one request...please ask dewdrop to video record...the u in a ghada oops sari with a ghada scenario that you have written about.

plush said...

hehe..agree with u on the packaging being 'aiyyn-teresting'...
n the random stuff memory thing...heehee...

Pavi!!!! said...

the imagination abt being in a sari at thames is sooooooo hilarious..i cant stop picturising u in the stuff doing THE stuff!! hahaha!

Bhojpuri songs..bless the lord!

Preethi said...

random facts indeed.. Thames was the best.. if you do it loads of pictures.. not of you re but the people around you!!

Anand Sarolkar said...

hmmm...Interesting! And WRT your comment all's well with me...I am just sitting in the corner and watching the Blog Wolrd go by like you ;)

DewdropDream said...

Damn! Not fair. You're not in the US anymore woman! Stop publishing posts at night and let me get the first comment!!!

"tum humar galat fayda uthayike apne blogwa pe kissa chaapat ho?!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I did this tag a while ago but it's nowhere as funny as this :D

And the saree and ghada thing is toh totally on!!!! Can we find a bhojpuri maiden-filling-ghada-in-nadi track to go with it? Sure you know of something like this. Baahon mein chale aao is bhery cliched.

rayshma said...

dewdrop: i will be. in 24 days. :D
u should obsessively chk my blog for updates. that's the moral of the stori.
tohaar kauno fayda nahi uthaawat hai re... aisan kaahe kahat ho?

i DO know bhojpuri tracks that'll suit the occasion. but u need ot keep in mind - this is not a niche activity. we need to find something that the "audience" would try to understand and enjoy. hence, baahon me.

anand: nice, nice! :)

preethi: photography outsourced to ms dewdrop there. :D

pavi: some of them are rather kewl. ;)

plush: i *heart* you. :)

pinku: sure thing! :D

loca: pls do! :)

pix: hehe... i read urs too! :)

galadriel: ur comment should be added as a point - THAT random it is.

prashanti: i just might, u know! :)

prats said...

Oh Gosh!!! Now have this visual freaking across my eye screen...a saree clad Raysh, holding ghada, trying to look bhojpuri, singing Bahon mein chali aaaaoooo....and slowly dipping ghada into Thames...oh god!! are one amazing woman.
Do take pictures please.....and please do it before you go back...heheh

DewdropDream said...

Arre ee hum nahi kahat hai, ee woh humri amreeki behenwa kahat hai


And I know you miss Vin and can't wait to go back, but quit giving me a countdown update. I don't want to know how many days to go before we part. hmfph.

Angrez waise bhi nahi samajhne waale apni bhasha, bhojpuri mein hi gaa lo :D

lostonthestreet said...

where did my earlier comment disappear?

rayshma said...

lost: blogger prolly ate it.. pliss to be repeating?

dewdrop: ONE week. for that to happen. HMPH! i'm gonna make a list of things u promised me and did not do! :D
i think i explained the logic of hindi v/s bhojpuri to ya ;)

prats: will try. it's really really cold to be going anywhere near water now actually. or to be wearing a saree for that matter! but shall try.. pucca!!

Kippie® said...

Oh I looooved readng this! Totally hilarious!! Bhojpuri?! Thames, Sari??!! Seriously funny! hahahha
U write sooo well! :)

rayshma said...

kippie: welcome here, gurl! :)
and thank you! :)
yeah, we actually wanted to do the thames one.. but it was freezing cold! :D
next time, i say! :D u wanna join us?! :D