Nov 10, 2008

of this and that...

i'm completely suffering from what's normally called a writer's block. no, this does not mean nothing interesting is happening in my life. or that i'm too busy to write. i'm not. and life is quite fine, thank u. what's kept me occupied..? well, few things... weekending with dewdrop, discovering a good friend in an acquaintance, chatting with people who matter, work.. amongst others.

but well, i hate seeing the same post here everytime i wanna see my own blog *that's pretty frequent.. given that i still am in love with the layout.* so i shall go ahead and rant about things that completely rile me.

a. kangna ranaut's english. no, it doesn't irritate me MOST or anything. was just top of mind. esp her trying to say "kangraychulayshuns" to ___ and his "byooteephull" bride. STOP!!!! speak in hindi. it's okay. it really is.
b. the chicks who roam around in 2 inch skirts and stockings. when it's 3 degrees outside. and i'm layered in 4 layers of clothing and shivering. HOW the hell do u pull that off!!!! tell me someone, plz!!! are there thermal stockings i'm not aware of...??
c. the guy on the train who believes that everybody else in the compartment would like to listen to "mundian te bachke rahi". in london. plug the damn thing in ur ear! or at least update ur taste in music to today's day and age.
d. ppl who think they deserve to be respected for their age and wisdom. pls prove the latter. i shall respect u.
e. ppl behaving snooty and looking down on everything that's saleable. YOU don't like it. fine. stop insisting that everything that's commercial is crap. it's not. it earns a lot of ppl their livelihood. and entertains a lot more people. unlike what u do. nobody's forcing it down ur throat, u know? so, scoot!
f. intellectual innocence. genuine daftness. whatever u call it. i just wish i could stay away from it. and those that display it proudly. SIGH.
g. ppl who insist that the iPhone is "awesome". go, get a life! it isn't. it doesn't deserve anymore space on my blog than it already has. and no, i don't care that this makes me seem less kewl. suits me fine.
h. guys who don't understand that NO is an answer. and that usually means they shouldn't ask for what they already did. the answer will not change if u repeat the question. i do have tremendous amounts of patience. i may, however, block u if i run out of it.
i. people who fold books and attempt to read them. it hurts me to watch. i feel like snatching the book from their hands, straightening it out and telling them how to read.
j. intrusive questions. unless u're close to me and i do discuss my life with u - on media other than this blog - u do NOT need to know anything about me. least of all about my job or when i'm going to have kids. my husband doesn't care as much as u do about my biological clock. so pls find someone a li'l more tolerant. and don't call me arrogant for not entertaining u.
k. ppl who AFTER being messaged on chat immediately revert with an "are u there?" NO. that was the ghost in my room buzzing u from my id. whatchoo gonna do??

oh yeah, btw..there's a ghost in this apartment. *and no, it's not me - for any of u who wished to suggest that. HAHA. funny. yeah, right!* the door opened by itself late on sat night - dewdrop's witness to that.
this morning, the washing machine started automatically. i asked the flat-mate if she'd set it... and she hadn't. there were no clothes in it, after all. so yeah.. am kinda spooked out.


La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

#J for mee too esp the good news police. Or the TELL have a baby next year! or donate to that particular charity..grrrrr

Preethi said...

I bet if you blinked harder you could just turn on the rest of the appliances!! ;) Hey Iphone is awful I agree.. and folding pages on the book.. I physically hurt from that because when I see someone mistreating a book I am gnashing my teeth!! Your biological clock is actually funny... a few people have asked me when I am going to have a second kid.. I am not, I dont want one I reply. SO they ask "What about M?" .. If he wants one, he can get it somewhere else, this bank is closed ;) that puts an end to that conversation!! hehe!!

Suma said...

tell the ghost to take a walk! in any case "it' must be petrified by you now ;P

and keep's very good for our systems!

i so do hate those who listen to their music loud on a public transport!!!

Galadriel said...

"bustaaaard!" you forgot that.. :D

Pixie said...

Yep... Super rant! Agree strongly on the 4th and 10th points!!
Ghosts... really? girl, you get all the weird stuff don't you?!

Pinku said...

hmmm.....shouldnt the ghost been on top of the list...after all poor Kangana isn't as bad as that, or is she?

The rest of the list is quite okay....

But do tell us the interesting things you are upto...apart from ranting....

rayshma said...

pinku: erm... the ghost isn't irritating me.. just spooking me out. dekhte hain.
no re.. i actually quite like kangna ranaut. she was, as i said, just top of mind :) will do a post soon as i can put my thoughts together :)

pixie: i'm hoping i don't...let's see! :)

galadriel: hahaa.. we were counting the number of dialogs she has and in how many she says bustard! :D poor child re... she's not that bad. :P

suma: yeah, i think it's time i did that ;)

preethi: so, when ARE u having the second one, eh? ;) HAHA!!! :D

loca: hehee... someone "told" u to have a kid by next year?! :D

DewdropDream said...

Book folders... wanna slap them hard too!!! gah!!

And did you find out how much rent bhooth is paying? It gets to use the washing machine too??? Ask landlady if she's willing to let me swap places with it. I will dutifully do all the late-night opening doors and what not :D

It seems harmless so don't get spooked out... invite it to watch movies with you and see if boss will hire it, you and bhooth will make kick-ass jodi psyching people out and getting work done :D

rayshma said...

it's banging doors and making weird noises in the house right now. and the other side has trees making noises... coz of the wind! :D
i shall ask R... she likes u... i'm sure she won't mind! :D
i like the option of hiring bhoothji. but i prefer the option of getting it to do my chores. work, i'll handle ;)

DewdropDream said...



DewdropDream said...

Ahem! It's DewdropDream actually.

Wheeeeee!! R remembers me :D Bhoothji se kaho tumhari laundry karke de. Am so bugged man.

Keshi said...

girl this had me laffing! LOL good one.


hahahaha @'STOP speak in Hindi'

And those ppl who think that AGE should be respected for need a reality check. I know so many ppl like that!

And girls in mini-skirts in the middle of dead Winter need a cranium refill!

Ghosts? I see em everywhere! ;-)


La vida Loca said...

yes as a matter of fact....I am ORDERED to get knocked up next year

Suruchi said...

this post reminds me of all the time we use to spend bitching!!missing you babes!

Pavi!!!! said...

Ghost at home! Wooooow! FUN TIMES ;)

pls xcuse the ignorance..but who is Kangan Ranut?

n yes there are thermal stockings.but ive seen some specimens out in the cold with short skirts w/o the stockings! ridiculous no! why wld one put the body thru so much torture!

The Baby Q is so FREAKIN irritatin !

Pavi!!!! said...

yayeeee! after 5 attempts! my comment atlast went thru!

rayshma said...

pavi: go watch fashion.
actually, watch gangster... it's a better movie. and has good music. :)
WHERE do u get thermal stockings, tell!

suruchi: i knoowwww... bitch! take chutti and come here!!! miss ya tonnes! :D

loca: HAHAHAHAHA!!! :D

keshi: :D
erm.. HOW do u see ghosts?? the human kinds u mean? u know.. pavi says there're thermal stockings.. then it's ok, i guess.. but now i wannnttt!!!

dewdrop: GOT IT. :P
bhoothji ko chocolate se mila dete hain. the bleddy cat wouldn't let me enter my own house today! and he's huge.. and sheds fur!!

Prashanti :) said...

hey rayshma,
came here from keshi's blog!! and am already loving it !!!! LOL on kanagana's hindi, the guy on the train and the stockinged girls . I also come across a lot of them and am still wondering how they manage !!


Mimi said...

i came here after a long time..and I am still laughing.. I kept remembering our visit to your place..and how we kept laughing..:)
Book folders make me mad tooo
and these girls with 2 inch skirts..I see them here too..some specimens even in tube tops..I wonder how they dont freeze to their death!

PURN!MA said...

well I just loooooooooved this -

"intrusive questions. unless u're close to me and i do discuss my life with u - on media other than this blog - u do NOT need to know anything about me. least of all about my job or when i'm going to have kids. my husband doesn't care as much as u do about my biological clock. so pls find someone a li'l more tolerant. and don't call me arrogant for not entertaining u." -
I would have happily plagiarized it onto my orkut profile, if i wasn't so anti-plagiarism. :D (except the husband n kids part i.e.).

And yes, please go and ask the girls who wear practically nothing for below 0 degree temp. I'm curious too.! :)