Dec 5, 2008

mind becomes garden garden.

i'm feeling very green.
it's the color i'm in right now. as in... i WANT to buy a green bag, a green jacket, a green hat... i actually eyed a green phone today... u get the picture. and i actually am liking THIS green. the one in the background - and the text.
so i've decided i'm actually fond of this look. as of now. in my sleep-deprived, overworked state.

also, none of u love me. and are not helping me find a nice template. *read - designing/mailing me something that I would fall in love with at first glance and say to you "WTF were you waiting for??"*.

do let me know what u think of the "new look". pls r'ber... when u say, u don't like... keep options ready for me to either like or turn down. if you don't have options, you can always say "hmm..." or some such politically correct thing that would allow me to publish ur comment.

and till any of you actually proves to be of help *vibs???*, this phool-patti shall remain.

p.s.: no prizes for translating the title of this post.

edited to add:
credits: galadriel loves me! or maybe she just couldn't bear the garden that this page had become. so well, she showed me the "green light". and also, very kindly edited the xml after i'd slept. what would i do without u? now go.. link me in some more posts!

other options considered were templates called "chobits", "santa & reindeer", pink diva (which G loved), "vetochick" and "rigid joy".


Anonymous said...

Finally i can post a comment here.Whew thank god u removed the earlier green.almost got blinded by that tinge of green.infact as a safety measure i did put on my shades this time.and and thank god u broadened the reading space. basically galadriel did what i planned on telling u.:-)this is nice.but is the header permanent or u can change it?
P.S. : did u say something about wanting only constructive criticism???
P.P.S : But i didnt get the title? what am i missing

rayshma said...

what header??
see, i'm tech challenged. and though i know how to edit xmls, i currently can't do it. that'll probably need to wait till i get back to texas and unempployment! :D
so plz to mail galadriel of the changes u may want to see in the layout. ONLY. changes in content to be directed to me directly! :P

Galadriel said...

- i edited the html, not xml (exasperated sigh). actually, i just commented out some code, you could have done it yourself had you not been so damn groggy and cranky.
- @LOTS: she broadened reading space? haha, that's a lark! also, i think she means to translate the title to hindi. or maybe it's some bhojpuri movie song that she had to censor. who knows the ways of these bollywood types?!

Prashanti :) said...

dil garden garden ho gaya :) did translate it :P.. I like this template ....its cool and simple ...btw what happened to kyra ????????

Pavi!!!! said...

RayRay....wat do i not very good in being diplomatic :|

but the old template...that gurl by the side n everything.. was sooooooooooo YOU!!!!.

n hey the text overlaps each other on this that my browser'sprob?

La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

i like this better :)

Lena said...

i guess i missed the previous green :D
but i love this one :D
though i would love any green since i am in love with it on a constant basis.

PURN!MA said...

This is goooood!looks like some sort of green coloured sherbet. I likes it.. yes yes.. i does likes it.

and for the title.. it shud be "maan ho raha bageecha bageecha" :D try marne main kya jaata hai?

Anonymous said...

is nice


Anonymous said...

But Prashanti is right.. Kyra's missing. And so are other things like link to your profile, 'about me', and other odds and ends..


Pinku said...

It looks lovely and fresh..... stick with it!!!or should i say grow with it??

DewdropDream said...

Bring Kyra back. She will louve the hariyali.

And I don't check this space one evening and things change THIS much?! MAn I feel cheated... and scared as to what all can vanish overnight :(

Likie the look though :) What you might want to do though is take a photu of the new skirt and use it here... it's very hara and pleasing :D

And people seem to be missing the title ka significance.

It's a 'famous' dialogue by Bad-man Gulshan Grover in some b-grade movie... he keeps going on about how his dil has become garden garden... dil bagh bagh ho gaya. So quoted here because of the garden effect :D

I louve you Rayshma. Please don't go back :(

rayshma said...

dewdrop: only YOU could get the significance of the title. :D
i shall get kyra back.. she's currently on leave. she needs a break too... from entertaining u ppl, eh?
GIVE me the green skirt. i'll wear it and blog. :D if u think i am capable of placing a photu of skirt on a template... well... i am not!
i louve u too, sweetie... but what to do? shall come back... ;) or u can come over for summer shopping.. what say?

pinku: hahahaa... grow with it, actually sounds nice! :)

alice: yeah... i noticed. but i don't mind not having a profile or the abt me links! ;)
kyra will be back soon. :)

purnima: good to know! :D am actually glad nobody said "WTF is this?!"

lena: yeah... nice color, eh!? :)

loca: thenks! ;)

pavi: i think browser issue. yeah, i liked that one too.. but well, was getting too grey for me.

prashanti: she shall be back! is on vacation right now :D

galadriel: isn't editing xml's easier? it must be since i know how to do it! :D anyway.. thenks.
and for title significance, read DDDs comment oopar. rest we've already discussed! ;)

Pixie said...

Can comment now! :)
yep, this is so much nicer.... lovely template!

Now, that you have changed your template, I should follow?
(Last time too, was "inspired" by your change!!)

Keshi said...

hey Raysh I like it WOW! Fresh n beautiful. mebbe u did this for me? cos Im bak hun! :)



Anand Sarolkar said...

Nice new look!!!

Noodlehead said...

love the template!!! not sure what u had earlier but don't change this's a welcome change from all the blinking white outside my window!